Funding from Rosa’s Voices from the Front Line

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Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, has announced the second round of Rosa’s Voices from the Frontline grants programme.

Established in June 2008, Rosa is the first UK-wide charitable fund specifically aimed at supporting projects that promote justice and equality for women and girls.

Rosa’s Voices from the Frontline Grants Programme is designed to support women’s organisations to promote their fight for gender equality in the UK through charitable advocacy work.

The programme offers one-off grants of between £500 and £2,000 and expects that up to 25 projects will be supported in 2017/18. The funding is for charitable advocacy work across Rosa’s four pillars of leadership and representation, safety, health and economic justice.

Rosa is looking to support a range of women’s voluntary and community organisations, from those who are just beginning to make their voices heard, to those looking to begin to catalyse change at a higher level.

Given that the fund aims to address the critical needs of women and girls that miss out most, proposals from organisations that support disadvantaged women and girls, such as the following, are particularly welcomed:

  • Homeless
  • Refugees and seeking asylum
  • LGBT
  • BME
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Survivors of gender violence
  • From low income backgrounds

The funding can be used to cover costs relating to increasing the skills, capacity and credibility of women who wish to challenge gender inequality and promote awareness and change.

Grants will be awarded for projects that:

  • Stimulate debate and amplify women’s voices.
  • Raise awareness of one or more of Rosa’s four pillars.
  • Influence the public, policy makers, media and/or government.
  • Change behaviours, attitudes or policies.

Creative approaches are encouraged. Examples of work that will be supported include:

  • Coaching or travel costs for a service user to speak at an event or national conference.
  • Presentation, media or lobbying training to support organisational advocacy strategies.
  • Costs of creating campaign materials, such as posters, infographics or videos.
  • Articulating the story of one woman to champion an organisation’s work.
  • Making a case to local commissioners for the value of the group’s service.
  • Meeting costs with local/national government representatives or for planning a campaign.

Women’s sector voluntary and community organisations in the UK can apply as long as they have a written governing document, have been active for at least one year and can produce annual accounts for an entire year, a governing body or management committee with at least three unrelated members, and a UK-based bank or building society account in the organisation’s name with at least two unrelated signatories.

Although it is not required to be a registered charity, the applicant’s activities must be charitable, legal and for the benefit of women.

The deadline for applications is 15 June 2017 (5pm).

Full details can be found on Rosa’s website.