Tooth Care Training For Children With Special Needs

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Parents and carers of children with learning difficulties, autism and any of a range of special needs are only too aware of how difficult it is to teach their lovely children the basics of life that come as routine to others – including looking after their teeth.

That’s why the Dentaid mobile van will be calling at Sensory World for a special event just for children with special needs on 16 December, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Making tooth care fun and interesting is what this event is all about.

Fun and games inside Sensory World and a visit to the big white van outside to turn tooth care into an adventure.

Just £5 for some fun training about caring for growing teeth.

No booking required – but if you are able please give Linda a call on 07801 065589 if you are planning to visit, just to help with the planning.

Sensory World is owned and run by Linda Holmes. Linda has been in the childminding business for nearly 20 years since the birth of her son, Ryan, in 1995 and has particular interest in children with sensory problems because of the difficulties she has experienced.

The Sensory World Play Centre includes substantial financial investment in lighting and technical equipment as well as the simplest of toys to produce an environment proven to have beneficial effects for children and adults throughout the autistic spectrum.

Linda’s understanding of the needs of busy parents means her facilities including Sensory World Play Centre are available before and after school and during School Holidays. Linda has extensive experience caring for children with Additional Needs and works with her husband and son who is now 21 and is currently looking forward to becoming a sports coach.