New Rights 4 Children Website

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A new website for children and young people living in institutions has recently been published.

Rights4Children was created by Article 39, an organisation which fights for the rights of children and young people (under 18 years old) who live in children’s homes, hospitals and other health places, immigration detention, prisons, schools and secure children’s homes.

The name is taken from Article 39 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This says that if you have been abused or mistreated in any way you have the right to recover in a place where your health, self-respect and dignity are built up.

Carolyne Willow, set up Article 39 charity in 2015. She used to be a child protection social worker and then became a children’s rights officer for children and young people in care and leaving care. She has worked in children’s rights ever since – for over 25 years.

The William Henry Smith School in Rastrick has been heavily involved in the content on the website, with the boys and staff providing a lot of input for the project.