Songlines at Square Chapel

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Stevie is 17. She’s peak cool, or so she thinks.

On Friday 7 September, 8:15pm at Square Chapel Arts Centre you can find a little more about Stevie.

In the middle of the wide-eyed stagger from girlhood to womanhood, Stevie is sent to live in the middle of nowhere with her Grandma. Suffolk – the home of doggers, folklore, sea cabbages and Stan. Stan is peak geek, not that he knows.

But there are secrets in the marshland, songs that will show Stevie the way.

Interwoven with beautiful live folk music from award-winning band TRILLS, Songlines is a coming of age love story in all its awkward teen glory.

A brand new play from Suffolk writer Tallulah Brown, directed by George Chilcott.

Get tickets now from the Square Chapel website.