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The Phoenix Shed Halifax can make a whole load of different sorts of things that you could give as Christmas presents.

Walking Sticks

Stick A is a Derby head in American white oak with an English chestnut shaft.  The head is reinforced with a hard steel pin.  It would suit a person about 5ft 6in, but could be made smaller and could be fitted with a rubber tip.  £35

Stick B is a Ring Stick with American white oak head and English cherry shaft. These sticks are often taken into a show ring and used to tap a bull, or cow to get them to move.  However, as it’s quite small, it would be great for a child.  Again the head is reinforced with a hard steel pin. £25

Stick C is ‘Benny the Beluga’ head in honour of the Thames Beluga Whale.  The head is English silver birch with a cotoneaster shaft from my own garden.  Again the head is reinforced with a hard steel pin and the shaft can be cut to suit the buyer. £50 represents the uniqueness of this stick.

Ring either Eddie on 07481 543881 or Chris on 07930 207537 for more details

Bird Boxes

Maybe you would like a bird box.  If one is put up during Winter, it will ensure that birds are used to it come Spring time and they may even roost in it during bad winter weather.

The Phoenix Shed standard bird box is made to an RSPD design from untreated pine.  With 22mm thick timber they offer excellent insulation.  They also have a unique and very simple way to clean them.

The front entry hole shown is 29mm, but smaller, or larger holes can be made to suit different birds. 29mm is ideal for most sparrows and tits. Half front boxes can be made to suit robins and wrens.

All of the boxes are £15.


The good news is that Phoenix Shed has just taken delivery of a new batch of Red Pine, so they are better placed to continue with garden benches and planters, ready for next season. They can make a whole load of other things as well.

However, if you want things for Christmas, best get cracking now, before it’s too late.

If you know of a man, over 55, who is not getting out enough and maybe needs a new purpose in life then he can learn new skills, or pass on what they already know.

The Shed is open to all men over 55 years, Monday and Wednesday 9:30am–4:00pm and Friday, 9:30am–12:30pm. They are located in Threeways Centre, Nursery Lane, Ovenden (the old Ridings School). Give either Eddie 07481 543881, or Chris 07930 207537 a ring to discuss. 

Find them on Facebook! @Phoenix Shed or come along and see what else we do.

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