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Elland Silver Band is one of Yorkshire’s oldest brass bands and in recent years has become one of the most progressive community bands. This success is largely due to the fantastic music education programme which has tutored over 200 young musicians in the past 20 years, and a passionate team of volunteers and tutors. The programme enables the band to offer a “beginners class”, “starter band”, “training band” and “youth band”.

The band is seeking funding to further develop the tuition programme by offering a series of workshops for beginners and developing young musicians.

They would like to offer children in local primary schools free “taster sessions” to try an instrument for the first time, and learn a few basic skills. Interested children will be signposted to the “beginner class” where they will receive free use of an instrument and high quality tuition from instrumental tutors.

The band also wants to run some “intensive” training workshops for young people who already play an instrument who would benefit from working with professional instrumental tutors to help advance their skills and to inspire them to progress to the next level.

Funding will be used to cover tutors fees, room hire, equipment and sheet music.

There is already a successful youth band, training band and starter band, however, more instruments will give more opportunities. All the tutors are experienced musicians and are DBS checked. In 2019 the youth band is taking part in the European Youth Brass Band Championships in Montreux, Switzerland.

The band provides all members with expert instrumental tuition, free use of an instrument and sheet music and teaches children who are absolute beginners how to play an instrument and to read music so they can be part of the organisation.

Learning to play an instrument has lots of benefits. Children grow in confidence, and improve their communication with their peers, tutors and adults. It encourages commitment and dedication, loyalty and team work. Children make new friends, and are introduced to other more experienced young musicians as role models. The more experienced young people are fantastic role models for the younger children.

The classes also offer opportunities for more experienced young musicians to gain mentorship experience through a volunteer programme.

By voting for this project you can help a young person to;
– Learn a new skill
– Be creative
– Be part of a successful community organisation
– Make new friends
– Develop confidence
– Be part of a team
– Perform music alongside people of all ages
– Respect their peers
– Be a good citizen
– Have fun!

To vote for Elland Silver Band on the Aviva Community Fund website follow this link

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