Everyday Activism – Local Campaign Training

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Campaign Bootcamp’s Everyday Activism project is a new local training programme that supports people to learn how to campaign on issues that matter to them. Problems such as budget cuts, discrimination, inequality and lack of good jobs are making the daily lives of people across the UK increasingly precarious, unstable and stressful.

Campaigning is a critical tool communities can use to fight back against these injustices. Through face-to-face training, online resources and coaching, Everyday Activism supports people to develop and improve their campaigning skills.

Campaign Bootcamp has been running residential training programmes since 2013. Through their work they have found that lots of people across the country are eager to learn how to campaign, but not everyone is able to participate in a residential programme.

Everyday Activism brings this training to local communities, starting in Yorkshire. Led by locally-based facilitators, these training sessions are tailored to the needs of each group with a focus on several key skills including: planning, researching, organising and getting support for a campaign.

Everyday Activism works with groups of people who share a common concern and who are ready to act together to improve life for themselves and their communities. In particular, they are interested in supporting people from the following groups:

  • Refugees and migrants
  • Mental health service users

Learn more at: https://campaignbootcamp.org/everyday-activism/