Christmas Presents from the Phoenix Shed

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There’s just still some time left to order something special from The Phoenix Shed.

What will it be, from this range of very sturdy, well made timber presents?

A bird nesting box (£15), seed feeder (£12), a bird table (£40), a Hedgehog House (£40), a bespoke walking stick, or pole (from £25), planters for the garden (from £15), a garden bench (from £100) or maybe a garden tripod for you washing basket (£12)? Whew, there are so many things you could get.

Very special Christmas gifts, all reasonably priced and specially made for you.

All of the things that we make at the Phoenix Shed can be tailored to your own requirements. However, we do have some items in stock, so just give Chris a ring on 07930 207537 to ask for details.

By the way – being all older men, we do tend to specialise in RUSTIC!

Hot news! We currently have a very, very special ‘Benny the Beluga Whale’ walking stick. The head is made from Silver Birch (debarked) and the shank is made from Cotoneaster. A very comfortable and sturdy stick if ever there was one. The socket and spigot joint is reinforced with a hardened steel pin. Christmas offer only £35. Remember, this is a unique stick, so we only have the one.

Don’t forget all the other presents still available from other walking sticks to bird boxes, benches and garden planters. See more here.