Greetland and Stainland Ward Forum – Thursday 24 January

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Open to anyone who lives, works and learns in Calderdale, ward forums are a way to get involved in your local area.

Do you want to have your say about local issues that are important to you?

Comment on areas such as schools, roads, street cleaning and anything else that concerns you directly to your local councillor and senior council staff?

Get feedback on what difference your input has made.  Attend your local ward forum and give us your views!

Thursday 24 January – 6:30pm arrival for 7:00pm start. Venue to be confirmed.

For more information on ward forum meeting see Lower Valley Forum

One thought on “Greetland and Stainland Ward Forum – Thursday 24 January

    Karen Hanson said:
    Jan 24, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    I can’t make the forum due to caring commitments but would like to see the parking issue around Holywell Green school been addressed.
    I’m well aware that traffic wardens visit now and again but has they have to be visible it’s all a bit pointless because no one parks where they shouldn’t when they see them.
    There is also an issue further down by the school crossing says “Keep Clear” and people do but unfortunately there are a few people who choose to park right up to the lines..this is downright inconsiderate and extremely dangerous for all pedestrians..especially the young children going to and from school.
    I’d also like to see something done about parking at the traffic lights in West Vale (across from the co-op)…why isn’t there double yellow lines there?
    All these issues are an accident waiting to happen, I’ve reported the school parking problem many times but nothing gets done..maybe when a child is injured or worse someone will sit up, take note and actually do something!

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