XANAX (Alphazolam ) Misuse Concerns

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We have concerns about the use of Xanax in Calderdale and the risks associated with it, sadly including death.

Xanax is not available on NHS prescriptions in the UK, it is only prescribed privately, generally purchased on the Dark Net.

Other areas of the country that have undertaken local campaigns have found that young people tend not to like fakes and that this information, backed by the negatives and dangers of bonafide products can discourage experimentation.  Dependent use, as with any substance, is harder to affect but the narrative of where and why Xanax became popular can help form relationships to assist with this

If you are in touch with someone who needs support please contact Calderdale Recovery Steps and/or Branching Out on 01422 415550

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The following information may be useful in discussing Xanax with young people and adults between 15-25 years. It is important that we consider the motivations of use and try to have informed conversations with young adults that we are in touch with about what is ultimately a counterfeit market.

If you have any information that you think may be of use in targeting our prevention strategies to specific groups using Xanax that you are aware of please contact

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