A message from the staff of the Friday Flyer on May 1st

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As a new month rolls in and the weather has decidedly improved, for the most part, we have now completed over a month of self isolation and social distancing. These challenging times are interesting to say the least.

Despite the lack of events and gatherings, this new situation has brought us together and we see amazing acts of kindness as well as enterprising ideas to help one another, including the selflessness of volunteers and courageousness of our care staff.

All the same, if you need help, if you feel left out, please reach out, let yourselves be known. Help is available.

The Friday Flyer is still here, doing what we can to help alleviate some of the difficulties. We shall continue to provide you with information about developments, where to find the help that you need and remind you that you are not alone.

We hope that you have at least found some balance and remain hopeful that we will soon return to more manageable times.

We’re in this together and together we’ll get through this.

Stay safe.