VSI Alliance – Calderdale VCSE Mental Health Impact Survey

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Calderdale VCSE Mental Health Impact Survey

  • How it is feeling for VCS providers in terms of demand for more emotional, mental health and wellbeing support – it would be good to know if demand has changed and what you are seeing in general?
  • How is the VCS coping regards capacity and resources to support people and community groups – are you seeing the need for more intensive support or other trends in terms of how you are expected to respond to need or demand?
  • What have you done or planning to do differently?  The things you have or plan to put in place based on how things are evolving and changing at pace – does this need more capacity (resources)?
  • What have you stopped doing?
  • Anything else you feel would be useful to know or factor in?

By finding out about the above, this will feed into the wider discussions about how best to support people and enable local commissioners to look at planning investment priorities moving forward.  We are keen that community-based provision from our sector is factored in, therefore anything you can offer in terms of insight and intelligence regards the points above would be really appreciated.

The information will be captured via SurveyMonkey. The link to the SurveyMonkey is as follows, which will take you through the questions above and help us collate the responses for submission to our commissioners at the CCG. The deadline for responding to the survey is Friday 31st July 2020.

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/calderdalevcsemh


About VSI Alliance:

All staff at the VSI Alliance are available remotely to support you and your organisation at this time with various aspects of your work, along with providing key information and resources. For support/advice, please contact info@vsialliance.org.uk, or see below contact information.

We can support you with:

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Contact information:

Delivery Manager, food banks and Sowerby/Ryburn area – contact Jayne Leech: jayne.leech@vsialliance.org.uk

Funding, business planning and any groups in Upper Valley – contact Pat Akerman: pat.akerman@vsialliance.org.uk

Engagement Champions – contact Nikkie Dooley and Jayne O’Connell nikkie.dooley@cvac.org.uk / jayne.o’connell@cvac.org.uk

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Volunteering support and any groups in Central Halifax – contact Charlie Johnston: charlie.johnston@vsialliance.org.uk

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Organisational development – any groups in Lower Valley – contact Olivia Swingler: olivia.swingler@vsialliance.org.uk

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