Calderdale project wants to support more young people during these strange times

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engage a Calderdale mentoring project by Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group, is supporting young people to realise their potential.

The project run by a team of dedicated Youth Workers aims to help 8 – 17-year olds who are Together Housing residents in Calderdale. Through early support and help the project aims to help young people to realise their potential, develop self-confidence and reduce risk taking behaviour.

With the current situation with coronavirus, the team knows children and young people may be struggling more than usual with their mental health and risk-taking behaviour.

engage can offer you and your family:

  • A designated Youth Worker
  • Support to identify what is going well and areas that need a helping hand such as school attendance, positive friendships, confidence building and staying safe online and in the community.
  • A tailored support plan with personal goals identified by your son/daughter which should empower them to explore their behaviours and actions.
  • Support to access activities with their peer group and signposting to specialist services.

Samantha Harrison, Senior Sustainability Advisor at Newground Together, said: “We aim to start early when supporting young people in this project. This way young people have more time to start questioning previous risky behaviour and, most importantly, begin to see the potential in themselves.”

For more information you can:

Call: 07860 952814