Six months of Covid-19. How are we doing?

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It’s been six months since the beginning of lockdown. We had half a year of a previously unimaginably confusing state of living. For many it brought additional stressors to the fore, perhaps helping or forcing us to reframe our lives.

Usually at this stage of the year we’d all be asking one another in passing where the year’s gone. Perhaps this year has flown quicker than previous years. Or not quickly enough?

Schools have reopened, lockdown has been relaxed, then new restrictions have been introduced.

How are we getting on with the present state of things?  As we are carving out the new way of life, now more than ever may present an  opportunity to instigate valuable changes in our lives.

There are many venues that offer exactly this opportunity. Many organisations invite people to make contact and offer assistance to those most affected, although for the first time this affects each and every one of us.

Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative have launched our own Reimagining Communities, in which we encourage these conversations, the sharing of thoughts and ideas, in the hope that we can turn this confusing situation into an opportunity.

Speaking for myself, at this time of the year, I would typically be discussing how  I spent summer holidays or plan a last minute escape.

I was lucky enough to be able to board a plane, after three cancelled attempts before that. Until the last minute, I expected to be told that the flight is cancelled and would have to turn back. That fear didn’t leave me until the plane was off the ground and only after I stepped off at my destination did I allow myself to believe that I had actually made it.

I suppose that made me aware of one great impedance due to the COVID-19, the restriction of free movement. Transport is again resumed but with stricter measures. Venues of entertainment have reluctantly opened and they operate heavily scrutinised. Exercise clubs and societies had to reinvent themselves. Places of leisure are open but need booking in advance. Cafés and restaurants request that you complete a locator form. Not to mention the compulsory quarantining after returning from some countries.

We would be keen on hearing your thoughts on any of these matters or anything else. Six months on, we’re still recovering and realising how our lives have changed, perhaps for a long while yet.

The World Health Organisation has said, the day we beat the virus is not when the vaccine is released but when we can live with the disease and carry on regardless. That day may well be tomorrow.

So… how are we living with it?

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