Merry Christmas to you from the Staying Well Team at North Halifax Partnership!

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This year has been challenging in so many ways and for many of us celebrating Christmas in a different way is a further challenge to overcome.

Whether in the sunshine of August, the frosts of January or the twinkling
lights of December, we all need to look after our health and wellbeing – this year perhaps more than ever. So here’s some ideas on how you can stay well from your head to your toes!

1. Get cosy!

The weather has already begun to get a lot colder and keeping warm is vital to our health and wellbeing. The worry of heating our homes can have a big impact on our wellbeing – as we all spend more time than ever in our homes this issue can begin to dominate your thoughts. There is help available for people in Calderdale and no one needs to not be cosy! If you are worried about keeping you and your home warm call HEAT on 01422 288001.

2. Make a brew!

The Great British Cuppa is not to be underestimated. A cup of tea can be a moment of calm, a reward after a job well done or even a hug in a mug. As joyful as Christmas can be it is often a time of stress and worry – Take a minute to put your feet up and relax with a brew.

3. Wrap up and enjoy the great outdoors!

Getting outdoors can also help you be more active on a day today basis. Getting your heart rate up for just 30 minutes per week canhave huge impacts on your physical & mental health, your individual development, your community & the environment too. From a quick walk, a bike ride or a spot of gardening – the outdoors and being active go hand in hand.

4. Keep moving!

If the outdoors is not for you there are still plenty of ways to be more active in the home. Perhaps you can follow an online exercise class, do some chair exercise or start each morning with a series of stretches. Being active can have impacts such as reducing blood pressure, helping control diabetes and preventing falls. If you want to be more active but are struggling to know where to start contact Staying Well for some support.

5. Simulate the mind!

Once you’re nice and warm and your mind is relaxed it’s time to challenge what’s inside your head! Click here to download some puzzles and trivia we’ve put together to keep those synapses busy! Keeping active mentally is just as important as staying active physically. Calderdale Library services have now reopened in parts of the borough, and the Home Library service has continued to run all year. For more information contact 01422 288062.

6. Feed your soul!

What we put into our bodies has a large impact on our wellbeing. Although healthy eating can sometimes feel difficult it is important to remember its relationship with our health. Perhaps a challenge in the new year could be to start cooking more, and if you need some guidance around making healthier choices talk to Staying Well who can link you into advice and support near you.

7. Keep in touch!

Staying Well is still here for you. We’re keeping in touch with all our clients to help and support them to plan through this difficult time. Right now we are working with volunteers to provide a Staying Well Telephone Befriending Service for adults in Calderdale who want someone to talk to regularly or just want to to hear a friendly voice.