Community Thank You notes for 2020

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It’s been an unprecedented year and many may feel that the sooner it’s gone, the better.

Yet in all that’s taken place, there have been glimmers of hope, gestures of kindness and acts that have touched us that should not be forgotten.

The community Thank You initiative wanted to highlight all of this. We have received an overwhelming response, evidencing much of the good that has been done and as promised, we posted it on our online blogs.

You can read each and every thank you note that we have received below.

There have certainly been more acts of kindness that may not feature here but their good effects have been felt, rest assured. To all of these silent contributors, a Thank You from us all.

Also a great big thank you to each and every one of you from everyone here. You keep us going and by every single tiny thing you do, you help us get through this.

Have a Happy New Year!


Thank You Notes received

To: Vicky McGhee

Thank You for believing in Us…and keeping Us feeling positive during uncertain times

From: Karen Scanlon


To: Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey is volunteer and committee member with Memory Lane Cafe and has helped local people with dementia throughout the coronavirus by using Facebook and the internet to organise online quizzes, musical bingo, singalongs and coordinated volunteers to deliver activities and games, shopping.

From: Julie Ingham


To: Lynne Caldwell and Joan Tillotson at The Paddock Community Garden

A huge thank you to Joan and Lynne for their vision, perseverance and commitment to provide a community garden for the people of Ovenden, bringing people together and growing food for local people, especially during these challenging times! A fabulous idea has been brought to life by a fabulous pair of ladies – thank you so much.


To: Dave and Liz at the Fountain Head Community Pub

A massive shout out to Liz and Dave at the Fountain Head Community Pub for supporting the local community during the Coronavirus pandemic, providing friendship, support and food to those in need. Also for their hard work and vision to bring the community together and provide a much needed community space at the Fountain Head. Thank you for all you do!

From: Natalie Ratner

To: Amy Powell-Bevan

A huge thank you to Amy for all her support for the community when doing litter picks during this very challenging time. She has continued to provide an efficient and reliable service and helped to ensure community litter picks have been COVID secure. Thank you also for being so friendly and enthusiastic – we really appreciate it!


To: Sharma -Costcutters Illingworth

Thank you for everything you do for the North Halifax Community Not just selling Food /Holding competitions for children /Raffles/Food parcels /Looking out for vulnerable members of the community and packed lunches for children the list is endless also having the time to encourage and supporting other local business YOU ARE STARS

From: Karen


To: Gail Crabtree

Congratulations to Gail Crabtree (Children’s Centre Manager) for her 30 years service with North Halifax Partnership and Calderdale Council. A huge thank you from the NHP Board, Gail for all your years of passion, enthusiasm and commitment to working with children and Families, it has been truly appreciated and long may it continue!


To: Morrisons and Noahs Ark

Morrisons supermarket really stepped up in the community by feeding the nation with there donations to feed the nation , Andrew Sykes from Noahs ArK Centre working along side morrisons he was fantastic with donations making sure no one went with out food during covid and again now in lockdown he his working hard repeating the food donations

From: Julie Baimbridge


To: Community Gymnastics- Hailey and Sarah

Thank you Hailey Dundavan for getting this started and keeping it going through lockdowns and holidays! Big thanks to Sarah Duffin for all you do to support Hailey too.


To: Natalie Ratner and Jamie Lister

Thank you both for your help and encouragement and all your help and advice with starting the “ Paddock- Community Garden”

From: Joan and Lynne


To: Dawn Edwards

Dawn ensured that all the pupils at Dean Field School received their free school meal vouchers each week during lockdown. She went above and beyond for the school.

From: Fiona Pether

To: Loraine Stansfield

Loraine made sure that children received food parcels, clothing and other items like school work packs each week. She delivered them all by hand in the school mini bus and kept everyone going!

From: Fiona Pether


To: Vicky Mitchell

Vicky kept our school open, safe and clean all through lockdown and beyond. She is a superstar!

From: Fiona Pether


To: All the Teachers at Dean Field School

Thank you to all the teachers at Dean Field for their commitment to the pupils of North Halifax and Dean Field

From: Fiona Pether


To: Paul Holdsworth (Hub cafe Threeways)

A huge thank you for stepping up and volunteering your time and using your café space (when your business had to close)to provide much needed emergency food support to the North Halifax Community. NHP have really enjoyed working with you and have appreciated your partnership working in helping us to support our community and long may it continue

From: Tina Burke (Chief Executive, North Halifax Partnership)

To: Andrew Sykes and the staff team at noah’s Ark

NHP would like to say a big thank you to all of you at Noah’s Ark for your support to NHP around emergency food provision and debt support for the North Halifax community, the partnership working has been greatly appreciated and we think you are doing a fantastic job, long may our work together continue.

From: Tina Burke (Chief Executive, North Halifax Partnership)


To: District Nurse Team in North

Thank you to the Community Matrons working across North Halifax for the vital caring role you undertake in our community every day. And thank you for taking the time to work with the local partnership especially during these most challenging times.

From: The Local Covid Partnership

To: Everyone at North Halifax Partnership

Thank you to all of you for being so welcoming and patient with me when I first started! I really do appreciate it and I am so grateful for everyone’s kindness!

From: Heather Bentley


To: The OMI team

Thank you for welcoming me and believing in me. Following your work, especially during these challenging times was very inspiring. I admire your motivation, ingenuity and sheer gumption. Proud to be a part of this team!

From: Georgia Oikonomidou


To: North Halifax PCN Wellness Hub

As a newly formed team I think you’re all doing fantastic!

To: Peter Robinson

A huge thank you to Peter for all his hard work, passion and perseverance in making Lee Mount and Shroggs Park a fantastic place for residents and visitors alike! We hope you know how appreciated you are.


To: Paul Emmett

Thank you Paul for your passion and vision to improve Lee Mount as a community and to make it a great place to be! We’re lucky to have you!


To: Mandy O’Shea

Mandy, where do you get all that energy from?! Thank you for your passion for the Mixenden community, for bringing people together, and your vision to make Mixenden a fantastic place for all the community! We’re lucky to have you x

To: Mrs Turner and all Bradshaw School Staff

Thank you all for your hard work to keep the children, staff and families as safe as possible whilst keeping the school open.
You’re all doing an amazing job in a difficult, unprecedented year.
The children and families appreciate all you are doing. Thank you and keep safe!


To: Mrs Pether and all the staff at Dean Field Primary

Thanks to outstanding leadership from Mrs Pether and the dedication of all staff, they have kept the Dean Field children safe and happy throughout this year despite the many challenges that just keep on coming. The communication with parents has been timely, honest and supportive, and it is so clear they have the children’s best interests at heart.

From: Sarah Gledhill

To: Hailey Dundavan and Sarah Duffin

Thank you so much to Hailey and Sarah for persevering in the most difficult of circumstances to get the Community Gymnastics club back up and running after the disaster in March. I know you’ve made sacrifices for this, and we appreciate it so much. It has been a much needed element of normality in our girls’ lives, some fun and exercise to get those endorphins flowing. You’re amazing!

From: Sarah Gledhill


To: the Staying Well Team, North Halifax

Many thanks for this card and the one that came in the post with the tea sachet and wild flower seeds.

From: Anita