Calderdale Covid Champions Information about the virus and the scheme

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A very thorough document on Covid Champions, what they do and plenty of useful information on what is coronavirus, how it works, how it is spread, safety measures and helpful links.


How does Covid Champions work?


Understanding Coronavirus and the disease it causes helps make sense of all the rules and laws about COVID. It can cut through the confusion. The rules may change, but the virus doesn’t.

We are only going to get through the pandemic by each of us adjusting our behaviour, showing respect for each other’s safety., based on a better understanding of the virus and the disease it causes.

We aim to give Covid Champions the latest information about Covid-19.

Champions share this information with anyone in their community, however they want, with their friends, their family, people they work with – anybody – when they are chatting, or on social media.

Champions let us know what is and what isn’t working. You can help us to make sure people are getting the information they need, in a way that makes sense, to protect themselves and people they care about. You can help us get this right.

Champions have access to updates and advice as and when they need it, through regular support meetings.

By a wider understanding of this disease, we can use that knowledge to protect ourselves, our families, friends and workmates. We are not powerless!


Any urgent questions?

Feel free to phone me and I will try and find an answer for you, if it can’t wait until the next support meeting.

Colin Hutchinson  07963 323082

Read the full information document here : Calderdale Covid Champions Information Pack v3