Fizz Free February – by Zain Ghani

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Fizz Free February – by Zain Ghani

Fizz Free February is a campaign created by SugarSmart to help kick out the sugary drinking habit. This can be a great opportunity to reduce how much sugar you consume just by cutting out fizzy drinks and develop a new healthier habit.

Benefits for cutting out sugar in drinks:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Can contribute to reducing the build-up of fat in our arteries (these are the blood vessels that transport blood away from the heart).
  • Alters the taste buds in the mouth to accommodate a lower craving for sugar
  • Prevents enamel erosion on teeth
  • Allows for better management of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease


Top Tips:

  • Try making your own lemon or strawberry flavoured water with freshly cut lemon and strawberry slices in either a jug of water or even in your own water bottle!
  • Although diet alternatives are low to no sugar inside, they can still erode the enamel on your teeth due to the fizz
  • The best drink to have is water – this has no sugar, no fizz (unless sparkling) and no calories! Water can provide sufficient hydration, prevent dry lips, headaches and improve concentration levels. Try aim for at least 8 glasses / 2L of water a day!
  • Food Scanner App – This is an app that scans the barcode on everyday supermarket foods and drinks packaging and shows how much sugar, fats, saturated fats, and salt are inside them. Alternatively, look out for the traffic light system on food packaging! Find out here more on sugar by clicking here: