Alone but not lonely

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A few words from the editor

Already halfway in February. Kung Hei Fat Choi – or happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it. Hopefully towards the end of the third lockdown in a row, past a snow storm and in the middle of another. With weather looking bleak, many of us experiencing cabin fever at home and feeling more isolated than before, we hardly realised Valentine’s day is upon us.

There haven’t been any of  the usual Valentine’s  events happening this year. No parties, discos, dances, even the supermarkets have a token display of Valentine merchandise. Now I’ve not ventured much into town lately, so if I missed anything out, please, please let me know!

And I expect many plans will have been cancelled. No couples meals and this year, being on a Sunday, it would have been perfect for a weekend getaway.

Actually a getaway anywhere, for any reason, would be good!

Not sure how you are all coping. Those in family units are likely the luckiest. For many however, isolation and loneliness will be too much, especially now.

And for some, for other reasons, isolation may be happening even within the home. It should not be so.

As I was walking through the park during one of my exercise exits however, I took note of all these footsteps in the snow… and it got me thinking.

All these people walked through here before me. Not all at once, each leaving their mark, each making their way. Others will walk over my feet soon. Seeking something. A diversion, exercise to improve or maintain health, some joy. Different footsteps, different directions but many common hopes…

That made me realise… I, we all, may be isolated but not alone. There are other people in similar condition as I. Though I can’t see you, it gives me a degree of comfort to know you’re here.

I was recently asked to choose three virtues in my life. I then had to discuss with a group and of the three each had, we had to choose three. Not an easy task, considering you have to drop some virtues you value deeply.

Hope is mine. I don’t  know if  it made it to the end but I can never drop Hope.

We are all still here. I Hope it won’t be long before we meet again.

See you soon and Happy Valentines

Some resources to help you if you’re struggling

Staying Well Telephone Befriending Service
Emotional and practical help for those struggling with isolation

Domestic Abuse Resources – At Home shouldn’t mean At Risk
24hr National Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 2000 247
Calderdale Domestic Abuse Hub – 01422 337176
WomenCentre – 01422 386500

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