Phonecall Coronavirus Scams alert

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There are several reports of suspicious phone calls, to both personal and work phones.

Here are some examples of reports received:

“I’ve had several spam phone calls on our landline claiming to be from both BT about my wi-fi as they say I’m having problems and they will cut me off if I don’t give them my IP address details etc! (I don’t have wi-fi with BT!!) and also from Amazon about my card being used for a purchase over £1000 (not true either) but they are all very believable in the moment you answer the phone if you haven’t got your brain in gear!”

“I have just taken a call on my work mobile from an automated caller alleging to be from the National Crime Agency saying my NI number is being suspended due to illegal activity and if I don’t proceed with the call by pressing ‘4’ I will be arrested!”

“I have personally, on my own mobile phone, received a scam phone call and also a text both yesterday claiming to be from HMRC advising me that I am entitled to a COVID-19 Support Grant. I ended the phone call before it got to the point where I was asked for my bank details and I’ve reported the phone call to HMRC through their official website.”

“Just had an automated message from ‘HMRC’ saying that there is a fraud case against me (!) and a warrant would be issued if I didn’t press 1 to connect (which I didn’t!).“

All these types of phone calls are scams. Criminals seeking to defraud people out of money use emails, phone calls and text scams to try to trick people, by using scare tactics.

By “pressing 1” or “pressing 4” you could potentially be connected to a premium rate number with extortionate rates.

HMRC will never contact you in this way. If you are at all concerned, then our advice would be to go directly to the HMRC website and look for genuine contact numbers.

Please do take care if you receive calls from your Internet Service Provider. If you are at all suspicious, end the call, go to their official website and find the correct number to call back.

Please read the advisory from the Police regarding Covid phone call scams

If you receive any such call, disconnect immediately and ensure the line clears. It is advisable to block the number too.

If you have any concerns, please do get in touch.