A641 Initial Engagement online

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As the A641 scheme progresses through the development of an Outline Business Case, an initial public engagement has been launched since Thursday 18th February, using an interactive platform called Commonplace. The link to the Commonplace A641 engagement site is https://thea641.commonplace.is/


The purpose of this initial engagement is to help build on the detailed knowledge we already have including from responses to other engagements such as the valuable public feedback received last summer regarding he Brighouse Town Centre Vision Masterplan. This coupled with our existing technical understanding of the various issues relating to the local road network in Calderdale, Bradford and Kirklees, will enable us to continue to refine the scheme details further.


It is intended that responses to the engagement using Commonplace will help us ensure any known or emerging issues and opportunities along the A641 route will continue to be identified and understood. This in turn will enable us to best respond to them and where necessary refine existing proposals; improve facilities and the environment for people choosing to walk, cycle and use public transport and thereby enable more people to use these forms of transport; reduce the negative impacts of congestion and air pollution on our health and our local environment; and make the A641 safer and more useable for everyone.


The Commonplace portal is interactive and gives participants opportunity to pinpoint any issues or opportunities on a map, along with being able to tell us how they feel through multi-choice questions and an option to provide free text. The image to the left is an example of a Heatmap produced for a project in London but gives an indication of what can be expected for the A641 scheme.


For those who do not have access to, or wish to use Commonplace, we will also make available the Calderdale Council Contact Centre email address (customer.first@calderdale.gov.uk) and have arrangements in place with the Contact Centre to complete responses for those wishing to provide them over the phone (01422 288001). There will be a press release, an advert in next week’s newspaper and a social media campaign on the Calderdale Next Chapter and Calderdale Council Facebook and Twitter pages.


A full public consultation is anticipated to take place in the Summer of this year – at that point it is intended an emerging package of A641 transport proposals will be presented to enable respondents to continue to shape the scheme and its development.