Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme April 22

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Are you a parent with children aged 3-18?
Do you want to help shape services for the future?
Come and be part of a study to promote family wellbeing!

The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme for local parents & carers will be run again, starting April 22.

The course will take place in person at Ash Green Children’s centre in Mixenden.

This free, 13 week course aims to help you to

  • Build positive family relationships
  • Manage anger and stress
  • Implement effective discipline strategies
  • Gain confidence and communication skills
  • Understand your child’s development
  • Recognise and value your family and cultural traditions
  • Meet others and share ideas

The course is aimed at parents, step parents, grandparents and foster carers who have got a child aged between 3-18.

The programme is part of a research study from the University College London: The Together Study. This means that a researcher would like to talk to you before the programme starts and at three time points after the programme has finished. You will receive a £10 voucher for each questionnaire you complete with a researcher.

Part of the research is that parents are randomly allocated to either the group starting in February or allocated to a group starting in September. (The researchers can explain more about why) – a computer decides who takes part in the group now or in the group later and the decision cannot be influenced.

Halifax Opportunities Trust, Sure Start Children’s Centres & North Halifax Partnership are working with UCL and Race Equality Foundation to offer Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme.

For more information please contact Julia Brierley: 07852174007

Programme details – A5 booklet 


2 thoughts on “Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme April 22

    Emma Mavin said:
    Mar 26, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    What about parents who work? How are they going to have an opportunity to take part? Are you interested in what they have to say aswell?

      North Halifax Partnership said:
      Apr 20, 2021 at 11:42 am

      Hi Emma, sorry for delaying responding to you.
      We cannot speak for the organisers, so it may be worth contacting them directly. Their contacts can be found in the flyer attached to this post.
      I’m sure they will be interested in your views. I believe they are running this course as an incentive for unemployed parents to participate.
      I hope this helps,


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