Curious e-Motion series 2 ‘Our Values’ Live!

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Curious e-Motion series 2

‘Our Values’


You may have noticed that series 2 of Curious e-Motion launched on Tuesday!

For this series we are exploring the values that Curious Motion holds – artistry, compassion, curiosity, empathy, inclusion and integrity.
What do they mean to different people and what can we learn by delving into them?

Plus, we’ve got some exciting podcast updates and some extra content for you – keep reading to find out more…

Episode 1 – Theo Clinkard on ‘artistry’

We are kicking off with ‘artistry’ and to do this Sam is joined by renowned dancer and choreographer, Theo Clinkard. Settle in for a fascinating exploration into artistry and what this means for our society.

Theo also tells us about ‘Century Project’ – his upcoming hopeful dance work that spans a century, launching in 2021 and completing beyond our lifetimes, in 2120.

It’s a fascinating chat you don’t want to miss!


New music & bonus episode

We’ve got new music! A huge thank you to musician Rich Huxley for creating an original track for our theme.

Rich plays strings and things and sings with Hope and Social, co founded the world’s first fan-funded record label, heads up Songwork International’s UK operations and in non-COVID times works all over the world as a performer, producer, writer, and creative entrepreneur.

Want to know more? Check out our special bonus episode to hear the full track and find out more about the series theme of ‘Our Values’.



Episodes drop on Tuesdays and are available on your favourite podcast platform and on our website.


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