Final call for Community Thank You 2021

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This week we celebrate Volunteer Week, thanking all the wonderful volunteers for their work, during the pandemic and beyond.

North Halifax Partnership launches the final “NHP Community Thank-You” to express gratitude towards everyone who has contributed to our community.

For one last time we ask you to mention someone who made a difference for you during the previous year. 

If you would like to say thank you to someone who you think has been a fantastic member in your local community, click here to do so.

Who has stood out to you this year by making a real difference to local people? If you could send them a message what would you say?

Tell us who you would like to thank and we’ll pass the message on!

Click here to post your thank you…

The Community Thank You Notes will be posted collectively next week on the  Halifax North and East and Calderdale Lower Valley Community Blogs.