Africaniwa: And Then I Was – June 25th

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From ancient times, the African society has celebrated the transitions of life from birth to death with rites of passage, marking the stages of life to provide a clear definition of society’s expectations of the individual as well as giving them a sense of identity and belonging.

However, for a very few of our tribesmen and women, their narrative was going to be; YOU ARE BORN, YOU HIDE AND THEN YOU DISAPPEAR . The many myths surrounding persons with ALBINISM across the continent.

Indeed, our stories are best told by us but sometimes, to tell our whole story, we have to reconcile with a painful past, embrace the present and look forward to a boundless future.

Join us for another lived experience storytelling powered by photos as we commemorate WORLD ALBINISM AWARENESS DAY in a photo exhibition dubbed …… AND THEN I WAS. Changing and owning the narrative of persons with albinism. Please purchase a ticket for free and join us for a shared experience. This is Africaniwa– my lens, our story.