Information from CMBC around Covid

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There are increasing Covid-19 case rates in Calderdale and rates have increased significantly in some parts of North Halifax over the last week. Illingworth & Mixenden ward has one of the highest rates in the borough.

List of testing sites around Calderdale

We have seen an increase in the number of cases of the Delta variant of concern (first identified in India) and it is now the dominant strain.

Calderdale is surrounded by areas with the highest case rates in the country and we know that people travel across boundaries for work, education and to visit family and friends.

We are asking everybody aged 12 or over who lives, works or studies in the Mixenden & Illingworth area to take one PCR test even if they don’t have symptoms of Covid-19 and regardless of whether or not they have had the vaccine. People have shown real kindness throughout the pandemic and we are asking the people of North Halifax to step up once again and help protect their community.

Even if  you do regular lateral flow tests we are advising people to take a PCR test as the PCR tests taken as part of this extra testing will be prioritised for genetic sequencing so we can tell if someone has one of the variants of concern. You could swop one of your usual LFTs in the next couple of weeks for a PCR test – that way you don’t have to do any more tests than usual.

Even if you are fully vaccinated we still strongly advise you to have a PCR test. This is because people who have had the vaccine can still get and transmit the Delta variant of Covid-19 and it is important that you don’t pass it on to other people.

You will not need to self isolate while you wait for the results of your PCR test unless you go on to develop symptoms of Covid after taking the test.

List of testing sites around Calderdale