Grant an Animal’s Christmas Wish this December with the RSPCA

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Help Miss Pickles the Bull Dog get an Urgent Operation!

The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & DistrictBranch are hoping the local community will help them grant the Christmas wish of a new, loving home for all the animals in their care this December.

You can help with this fund by donating online or buying a Wish Ticket from all of the RSPCA Charity Shops across Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford and at the Wade Street Animal Centre too.

The self-funded Animal Centre (which rehomes cats, dogs and smalls animals) hopes to raise vital funds to help cover the veterinary, training, and shelter costs that make it possible for them to find homes for the abandoned, abused and unwanted pets in their care over the Christmas period.

Peanut the ferret peeks out of a Christmas stocking! 

The Wade Street Animal Home in Halifax are also hoping they can raise enough to cover the surgery costs of one dog in particular who needs a vital operation to help her breathe.

Miss Pickles, an 8-year-old British Bull Dog, arrived in the branch’s care after her original owner could no longer cope. The Animal Care team soon discovered that Miss Pickles was suffering from grade 3 Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) – a term used to describe a group of conditions we see in animals with shortened skulls (brachycephalic) which compromises their ability to breathe normally.

Miss Pickles has made her wish to Santa this Christmas 

Miss Pickles urgently needs this surgery before she can safely be rehomed – however the operation will cost the local RSPCA branch over £2500.


Fay Gibbons, Digital Fundraiser, says “Our Christmas Wish Appeal is a special opportunity to grant an animal’s wish of finding a loving home this December. We have lots of cats, dogs, ferrets and other small animals in our care who will sadly have to spend the festive season in rescue. However, with the support of our local community we’re hoping we can raise the funds needed to support their care which will help these wonderful pets find a forever family!’’

For anyone who would like to grant a Christmas Wish for an RSPCA animal, you can donate direct via the local RSPCA’s website. Or if Miss Pickles’ story has pulled on your heart-strings, you can contribute directly towards her surgery costs to make sure this lovable girl is ready for rehoming as soon as possible.

There is also the opportunity to purchase ‘Wish tickets’ in all of the RSPCA Charity Shops across Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford and at the Wade Street Animal Centre too.

The Wish tickets make great stocking fillers for anyone wanting to purchase a unique gift idea or for those who just want to help.

Every Wish ticket granted and sold will help the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford in their mission to care for and rehome as many animals as possible as we move into 2022.

To donate to the appeal online visit or To purchase Wish tickets, please visit any of the RSPCA charity shops across Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and in the Wade Street Animal Centre.

If you would like to donate towards Miss Pickles’ surgery costs directly visit:

So far this year the branch has successfully found homes for 89 dogs, 240 cats and 80 small animals. They hope with the support of the local community they can give all the animals currently waiting to be adopted the best Christmas possible.

All donations will be gratefully received, after what has been an extremely difficult 18 months for the local RSPCA Centre.

“The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch are a self-funding branch of the National RSPCA, responsible for raising money locally to support our animal welfare work.  Our main aim is to rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and abused animals and find them loving, permanent homes. We rely on public donations and the generosity of our local community to keep the doors of our animal centre open.”