Free Carbon Dioxide Monitors for Voluntary & Community Groups and Settings 

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The public health team in Calderdale has funded a number of carbon dioxide monitors to help groups in the voluntary sector with covid safety measures. Infected people breathe out virus particles, which can build up in the air in enclosed spaces.

Good ventilation reduces the build-up of virus particles and greatly reduces the spread of Covid-19 and many other viruses. However simply opening all the windows and doors isn’t practical during the winter months, which is why a CO2 monitor may help keep track of whether the space is adequately ventilated for the numbers of people in it.

Exhaled air contains a higher volume of CO2 than inhaled air which is why there is a strong correlation between high levels of CO2 and the elevated risk of catching Coronavirus. A correctly used CO2 monitor will highlight when it’s advisable to open windows (or reduce numbers in the room) and when you can shut them safely. It should be used alongside the other Covid safety measures such as masks and sanitising. They are small (the size of a large phone), battery powered devices that require no installation, and can be easily moved from room to room. If your centre, organisation or group think that you would benefit from having a CO2 monitor, please fill in this very simple online application formIt shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes. However if the application is successful you will also be required to attend a 20 minute online information/training session to ensure a good understanding of how best to use the monitor for covid safety. We are hoping to distribute these as soon as possible, in order that they are put to use quickly during the Christmas and winter period.Any Questions Please Contact:

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