Be a part of the Park Play Movement!

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Active Calderdale are working with ParkPlay to initiate play sessions open to everyone, every Saturday in Rastrick and Elland, with the view to starting in Spring. They are looking to recruit people from the local community who will be offered training and support to become Play Leaders.  Deadline for applications is Tuesday 11th April at noon.

What is ParkPlay?

ParkPlay is a national charity providing communities with the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of play. They set up individual ParkPlays in parks up and down the country. Each ParkPlay is a free weekly play session in local parks, full of fun and active games.

And most importantly, they are there for everyone (big or small, young or old) to play together. They are on a mission to launch 450 different ParkPlays by 2026 that will be in parks forever, so that thousands of people can get back to playing, be more active and gain a sense of belonging.

At ParkPlay they believe that playing together can build stronger communities and help us become a more active nation. They also believe that it is amazing people who care deeply about their communities, that will make that happen… and that’s where you come in.

Each individual ParkPlay is run by a PlayLeader who delivers sessions every Saturday morning, and drives the growth of that ParkPlay and that community forward. Be part of the team, join the movement, Be a PlayLeader!

So what exactly is a PlayLeader?

A PlayLeader is the person who takes responsibility for making a ParkPlay happen in their local park, week in, week out. That doesn’t mean being in the park 52 weeks a year, but it does mean stepping up and making sure everything is in place for ParkPlay to happen on a Saturday morning.

A PlayLeader is the person that represents ParkPlay in a local park. They wear the ParkPlay jacket, give ParkPlayers a warm welcome, keep everyone safe, brief the team and bring the buzz to a Saturday morning of play. They are the person that takes the lead, inspires people to play their way and facilitates the space for them to do just that!

They are also the one that checks in with regular ParkPlayers, spotting the child that needs a special mission to capture their playful imagination, doing a quick litter pick of the park and serving hot chocolates to ParkPlayers on a chilly January morning after some great play

How much will I be paid?

Exactly how much you will be paid depends on how much of the role you can commit to. However, the minimum is £3640 annually for delivering a session every Saturday.

How do I apply?

Further questions or requests for the full job role document can be emailed to and applications can be made via the website PlayLeaders – ParkPlay (