Help for children and teenagers to cope with difficult emotions

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Open Minds Calderdale are here to help children and young people cope with the difficult emotions of stress, anxiety and frustration.

A lot of these feelings have come about due to the several months of lockdown and disruption of the daily routine.

The following posters may prove useful in helping your child or teenager deal with such feelings of anxiety. They also provide links for further assistance.

Stressed, Worried or Uncertain?

Frustrated, Cross or Angry?

Back to school routine difficulties

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Edition of Grow Calderdale News!

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The latest Grow Calderdale Spring 2021 newsletter is out, packed with help and tips on gardening. Prepare your garden for spring and summer, what jobs you need to prioritise each month, not forgetting wildlife and tasty seasonal recipes.

Read the Grow Calderdale Spring 2021 newsletter here

Learn gardening tips by month, sowing times, plant care, wildlife patches and find gardening or allotment information as well as nature related events.


Northern Exposure – A research project April 2nd

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School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Leeds
Leeds, LS2 9JT



Towns and cities in the North of England have experienced significant change during the last few decades, in terms of their economy, politics, housing and population. Northern Exposure is a major nationally-funded study which aims to understand how these changes have affected ordinary people’s lives. We are collecting around 200 oral history testimonies from residents who have seen these changes with their own eyes. The project is creating an important new national archive of voices from the North.

If you would be interested in sharing your personal story about your neighbourhood and community, and how your local area has changed during your lifetime, from Mrs Thatcher to COVID,  we would like to talk to you.

This project is based at the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the  University of Leeds and funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council.


We will be interviewing 50 year old + residents from the following groups, from different neighbourhoods in Northern towns and cities.

  • White British
  • Black British
  • British Asian
  • Polish and Romanian EU Citizens


  • We would like to interview residents who have lived in the area since the 1970’s.
  • They be those who have migrated to the UK or those who are born or bought up in the UK.
  • These conversations will be in-depth focus on the personal oral history of local residents.
  • Each interview will take two hours. They are informal in style.
  • The interview will be recorded and anonymised.

The interview will probably take place over the phone due to the Covid pandemic.

  • The information you will give will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • Participants selected will receive a £50 Love2shop voucher when the interview is complete.
  • There will be a chance to participate in other local discussions and a final event at the University of Leeds .
  • The interviews will create a historical archive that will tell the story of your town as you see it.
  • The archive will be used by future historians and researchers. The archive will contain the approved transcript of the interview but not the audio recording. All sensitive personal information will be carefully removed and

You can find more information on our project website:


We are sociologists based at the University of Leeds:


 If you would like to take part in this research, or if you would just like to know more about it, please get in touch with us on either our email addresses above or telephone – 0113 436 0430 and please leave a message with your number.  Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you.


Final version questions – A list of the questions that you will be asked if you take part.

Lower Valley Friday Flyer 26 March 2021 – OUT NOW!!

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LV Friday FLyer

Click here to view the latest Lower Valley Friday Flyer…

This week:

  • Africaniwa: She Chose to Challenge March 26
  • Saturday 27th March 8:30pm – 9:30pm is Earth Hour, Switch off.
  • Kooth Parent and Carer Online Session
  • Sign up for ebilling to support tree planting pledge

Have a great weekend!

If you’re on our mailing list the Friday Flyer will arrive direct to your inbox every Friday. Join the mailing list by emailing

You can also contact us on 01422 252 209

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Saturday 27th March 8:30pm – 9:30pm is Earth Hour, Switch off.

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Get your candles out, have some board games at the ready for Saturday 8:30pm, because it’s Earth Hour.  To join in a worldwide ‘switch off’, all you need to do is switch off your lights for one hour, and join the other people across the world doing the same. 

It’s just a reminder that small changes across a lot of people add up, for more details and to calculate your carbon foot print see Earth Hour 2021: How you can get involved | WWF

Africaniwa: She Chose to Challenge March 26

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This Friday 26th March at 6pm, in celebration of IWD2021, Africaniwa is proud to present: She Chose to Challenge, a Photo Exhibition.

Marking International Women’s Day, we are reminded that a challenged world is an alert world. And at a time where recent events call us to challenge masculine violence and empower women to #reclaimthestreets, we might have pondered, ‘what would it look like to have a world where women lived free from the patriarchy?’.

Over 30 years ago, one woman chose to make this a reality for the women who live in Umoja, a village where only women and children live. Meet Rebecca Lolosoli as we hear her story and mission in founding Umoja and what life is like living without men.

This month in celebration of IWD2021, Africaniwa is proud to present She Chose to Challenge, a Photo Exhibition.

Click on the link to register for your free ticket. You will receive the zoom link on the day of the exhibition:

Africaniwa are raising funds to help Umoja village after their main source of revenue, tourism, has been hampered by the pandemic. This will be used to buy basic provisions like food, chalk for classrooms and toys such as footballs for the children. Every little helps so please spare whatever you can give at PayPal to Thank you.

Kritics YouTube pilot series Casting opportunity March 28

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Would you like to feature in a YouTube series and be paid for your views on art?

Kritics is a new YouTube series aiming to flip art criticism on its head by inviting a group of ‘non-art going’ Brits to become…Kritics!

The project is light-hearted with a Gogglebox reaction-style format where members of the public will be encouraged to respond honestly to examples of contemporary art (from the comfort of their own homes).  The project aims to build a large, diverse and engaged audience throughout the country with the mission of demonstrating art is for everyone – it’s up to you whether you like it or not!

We’re looking for members of the British public to become our KRITICS, especially if they’re not already engaged with art or educated in the arts to take part.

We’re after enthusiastic, opinionated people to be filmed reacting to contemporary art from the comfort of their own living rooms! We want honest, ‘no holds barred’ reactions and opinions!

We need pairs or groups from the same household/bubbles, no art or artist knowledge preferable!

Download promo flyer

If that sounds interesting and you wish to apply, please visit and fill in a short application form to receive the information. Your application involves submitting a casting video and if selected, one evening for filming in April.

If you have any questions contact Lucy Rogers, Casting Director & Producer

t: 00 44 (0) 7769900781

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme April 22

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Are you a parent with children aged 3-18?
Do you want to help shape services for the future?
Come and be part of a study to promote family wellbeing!

The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme for local parents & carers will be run again, starting April 22.

The course will take place in person at Ash Green Children’s centre in Mixenden.

This free, 13 week course aims to help you to

  • Build positive family relationships
  • Manage anger and stress
  • Implement effective discipline strategies
  • Gain confidence and communication skills
  • Understand your child’s development
  • Recognise and value your family and cultural traditions
  • Meet others and share ideas

The course is aimed at parents, step parents, grandparents and foster carers who have got a child aged between 3-18.

The programme is part of a research study from the University College London: The Together Study. This means that a researcher would like to talk to you before the programme starts and at three time points after the programme has finished. You will receive a £10 voucher for each questionnaire you complete with a researcher.

Part of the research is that parents are randomly allocated to either the group starting in February or allocated to a group starting in September. (The researchers can explain more about why) – a computer decides who takes part in the group now or in the group later and the decision cannot be influenced.

Halifax Opportunities Trust, Sure Start Children’s Centres & North Halifax Partnership are working with UCL and Race Equality Foundation to offer Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities free Parenting Programme.

For more information please contact Julia Brierley: 07852174007

Programme details – A5 booklet