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Your views matter Active Calderdale Survey

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Active Calderdale want your help to gain true insight across the borough. This is your opportunity to express how you feel about being active in your local area so that Active Calderdale can gain further understanding of how to help improve the perceptions and reduce the inequalities.

That’s why we’ve launched the Your Views Matter Survey, which is aimed at adults living in Calderdale and will be sent out annually from 7th May to 7th June. This year’s survey is now live and can be completed via

This survey will provide us with the insights we need to shape the direction of Active Calderdale and create impactful change.

Complete the survey before 7 June 2021 to have your say and make real difference.


Translated forms are available in the online version of the survey

If you prefer a paper copy, you can pick up one from an open local library. Paper copies are available in English only.

Further information on the Your Views Matter Survey can be found at

If you have any other questions or feedback regarding the Your Views Matter Survey or the Your Views Matter Partner Pack, please contact

Your answers will help to tackle inequalities and get more people moving in the borough, evaluate the perceptions of residents on their physical and mental wellbeing, and how they feel about being active in their local areas.


Take Ten in May with the #StepOutChallenge!

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Can you step out for ten minutes every lunch time?

Stepping out of your front door even for a short walk can really boost your physical and mental health, so that’s why we challenge you to Step Out for ten minutes every lunch time this month.

To keep it fresh, we’ve also got a different suggestion each day for things you can do while you’re walking to give your wellbeing an extra boost!

Join us with every day on Twitter #StepOutChallenge

Living streets will teach you to Walk this May!

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May is National Walking Month

We know walking is good for us, but did you know even 10 or 20 minutes a day can make a difference to how you feel, to the air your breathe and your bank balance.

Living Streets #WalkThisMay have tips and free resources to help you find time and inspiration to include a stroll as part of your day, whether you’re working from home, at school or self-isolating.

Need a little more inspiration

Captain Tom’s 100 Challenge, it can be anything from 100 steps to a 100 mile joint effort from 30 April to the 3rd May. The amazing 6yr old Tony Hudgell has been inspired to walk 100 steps on his new prosthetic legs.  What can you do?

Park Run’s  Park Walk provides an easy 8 week guide to help you successfully build your walking up to 5k.

Visit the CREW website for the latest on  guided walks  and  self-guided walks around Calderdale, including weekly walks from Keighley Road and Beechwood medical surgeries and Illingworth Moor Methodist Church.

Check out Mixy Marchers Facebook page for details of when they’ll be resuming their walks.

 Remember to Stay Safe
Where ever you wander, please remember to keep yourself and others safe by following the local government restrictions.

A Spring in Your Step Outdoor Volunteering and Activities

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Being outdoors brings with it a wide range of benefits to mental and physical wellbeing, many of which have helped people to cope with the lockdowns and social isolation that we’ve had to endure during the pandemic. Our local countryside has never seen so many people walking and cycling and hopefully once the pandemic isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s minds, local people will have established being outdoors as part of their routine and will continue to take part in outdoor recreation.

Calderdale’s Countryside Service have lots to contribute to the health and wellbeing agenda. We manage some wonderful places that are very dear to the residents of Calderdale including Ogden Water, Jerusalem Farm and Cromwell Bottom. These places have proved invaluable to many visitors during the lockdowns and visitor numbers have shown a significant rise. Just being outdoors in a wood or walking on the moors helps with feelings of wellbeing and reduces stress.

To help look after our sites and maintain the rights of way network, we are heavily reliant on the assistance of volunteers to be able to build stiles, cut back vegetation, plant trees and a myriad of other things. We benefit hugely from the support we get but at the same time, we offer our volunteers support, friendship and a chance to exercise outdoors, so it is a two way relationship from which everyone benefits.  Volunteer work parties are hoped to start in the next few weeks, so please email if you want to know more.

Another aspect of the Countryside Service’s work which has benefits for people’s wellbeing is the events we ran pre-COVID. These include family events such as bird box building, mini beast hunts and kite making, and those aimed at adults such as our gardening events, where we focus on basic gardening skills such as planting up containers and baskets. The Countryside Team are hoping to start running events again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Here are some ideas from Active Calderdale you can do while out and about this week.

Sensory Walks : Activity Booklet
Get up and Grow – Mindful Mandalas
Get Up and Grow – Treasure Hunt Mobile

Better Living is Back!

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Calderdale Better Living Service is now taking referrals for people who would like support with weight management, healthy eating, physical activity or cutting down on alcohol. The service is now back open, after having had to suspend services last year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  New referrals are being received and can be made by a  health professional or by self referring.

The service is using new ways to engage with clients like phone/WhatsApp/internet conference calling and other computer platforms until it is safe for us to resume our face to face service again.

For more details visit or phone 01422 230230

Calderdale Council Local Parks Survey

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Calderdale Council, as part of the Vision 2024 project want your views on your local parks.

The purpose of this survey is to help us understand how our work is impacting residents’ ability, opportunity, and motivation to be physically active, and how best to focus efforts going forwards.

Completion of this survey/sharing your information with us constitutes explicit consent from you for us to process your data for this purpose. The information you provide to us will not be used for any other purpose. You can find more information about Calderdale Council’s Privacy Policy here.

Follow this link to the survey

Active Calderdale February Walking Workshop – still time to join

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During Lockdown #1, almost half of the people in Calderdale said that they were getting out for a walk more than usual, mainly to keep moving and help feel better mentally. This isn’t just trudging up big hills but it’s  a wander to the shop, round the park or just a few laps of the garden.

With your help we want to make it easier and create a better environment to take a stroll from your doorstep, so we held a virtual get together to talk about what’s already happening,  what would help and how you can support this. Have a look and drop us a line if you’d like to get involved…

Read our finds of the benefits of walking…


Join Active Calderdale on our Family and Friends February Challenge!

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“Two-fifths of people say they are being less active in this lockdown than during the first one in spring 2020”

Have you seen this in the news recently? Are you feeling the tougher effects of this lockdown on your physical activity levels? Moving more is one of the best tools we have to boost our physical and mental health – and we’re more likely to do it if we have encouragement from people that we know and trust.

That’s why need your help to spread the word about our latest social media challenge: #FamAndFriendsFeb.

The challenge to everyone in Calderdale is simple; can you encourage as many of your family and friends as possible to be physically active in February?

We all want to find new ways to support our family and friends during this lockdown. Reminding them to keep active is a brilliant way to help the people that we love to stay physically and mentally healthy, to stay connected with them, and have some fun!

Active Calderdale have put together some handy tips and ideas for different ways to keep active with your family and friends whilst sticking to the lockdown restrictions, which will be posted daily on our social media channels using #FamAndFriendsFeb.

We’d love it if your organisation could help us to spread the word on social media, and if you could take part yourself!

Visit our website for more information on the challenge, and download our social media pack for some suggested posts for your organisation. If you need any help with this drop us a line at