YMCA School uniform exchange

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The YMCA school uniform is once again operational.

You are welcome to visit and find FREE, good quality school uniforms for Calderdale Primary and Secondary schools.

Donations of good quality school uniform, shoes and supplies is always welcome.

Do your part in reducing waste and keep good quality school clothes in circulation!


Calderdale School Uniform

All Good quality items

Recycled and Reused shoes and clothes

Calderdale Primary and Secondary schools

Free Service – Donate and collect

Available to everyone – No referral needed


Collect and Donate at

Halifax YMCA, Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UG

email:  admin@halifax.ymca.org.uk
Tel: 01422 353626

Charity No: CN1163210

Staying Well would like to thank all of our volunteers

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Some people took up a new hobby during the COVID lockdowns…..some started running and many people developed a green finger or two but at Staying Well our new thing of 2020/21 was volunteers!!

Staying Well have always worked alongside the volunteers in all communities in Calderdale – linking in with the great groups and awesome activities they make happen – yet recruiting and managing our own volunteers was something new to us.

Working with CMBC, Staying Well have harnessed the overwhelming response of people to want to respond to COVID and help those people who became even more vulnerable in the last year. Turning the power of good deeds, selflessness and kindness into something to help improve peoples lives couldn’t have been done without those people across Calderdale who want to give up their time and energy to help other. This volunteers week we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the Staying Well volunteers working alongside us and our clients. We couldn’t make a difference without you!

Staying Well recruit volunteers to be Telephone Befrienders – giving up an hour or so of their time each week to make a friendly call to someone, have a chat and brighten their day. This year has seen loneliness become more of an issue than ever and although one phone call a week may seem like a drop in the ocean it really can make all the difference.

Our clients and volunteers comment on how the relationships we help them build make such a difference to their lives. We have seen relationships blossom into true friendships. Just having someone on the end of a phone who is there to listen, give you their time, and care makes people feel happier and healthier.

If you are interested in volunteering with Staying Well all you need is a smile, a telephone and the love of good conversation! Get in touch on 01422 392767 or drop us an email at stayingwellproject@calderdale.gov.uk. We will invite you along to an online Info Session to say a friendly hello and take you through the ins and outs of coming on board.

Volunteering options in your community

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A number of studies has shown the benefits of volunteering, especially with promoting community cohesion.

Communities with volunteering options tend to be stronger and function better.

When people volunteer, they invest in their community and as such feel closer to it. They are more likely to develop a strong sense of belonging in their area, take more active roles and enhance general wellbeing.

Volunteering can often lead directly to employment. From expanding your skillset with practical knowledge to putting you in positions that are closer to paid roles, it can be a valuable stepping stone. It looks great on your CV too!


So how about giving some of your time?


There are several ways in which you can volunteer. Offering assistance in a charity shop is only one.

Places like Citizens Advice are heavily reliant on volunteers. There are other helplines that can offer training to potential volunteers, such as the Samaritans or Victim Support.

Your local council may offer volunteering options as well.

Keep an eye out for National Volunteering campaigns, such as the Great British Spring Clean!

There are frequent litter picks running locally at any given time. Or you may want to organise one yourself!


Volunteering with NHP

North Halifax Partnership has several volunteering opportunities for members of our community. You do not need an NHP membership to volunteer with us.

Our comprehensive volunteering programme offers opportunities to volunteer across many of our own services as well as being a single point of access for volunteering opportunities across Halifax.

We receive volunteering opportunities from places like Citizens Advice and Neighbourhood watch. We organise litter picks and community clean-ups, such as Pimp my Pellon.

We are especially keen to recruit volunteers for the Staying Well Hub.

During the lockdowns, Staying Well has provided a telephone befriending service that has been a link for many isolated and vulnerable members of our community. We have run food hubs, delivered doorstep shopping, helped with various practical issues or just offered a listening ear. Much of this could only be possible thanks to our volunteers.

At present the SureStart Children’s Centres options are limited but keep checking. We anticipate we will soon be needing help there too.


If you want to volunteer with us or see how we can help you, visit our dedicated volunteering hub:



However you decide to do it or for however long, volunteering is a unique experience that will fulfil and transform you, benefiting your community in more ways than you could imagine!



Further read:


Belong – Community Connection Cohesion

Volunteering week 1-7 June: The benefits of volunteering

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Volunteers Week is held between 1 -7 of June to celebrate the brilliant contribution of volunteers. It is celebrated each year to thank those who have given up their time to help without asking for anything in return and in doing so have had a positive impact to many. Whether these volunteers belong to a small group or larger, more widely known charities, or even individuals who have offered their help without making mention of what they have done, this week is dedicated to them.

During the last two years, more than ever the impact of volunteers has been highlighted. There have been countless remarkable, touching stories of volunteerism, during the particularly trying times of consecutive lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The thankless efforts of many to look out for the more vulnerable among us and ensure their wellbeing has changed the lives of both the volunteer and the recipient.

Rightly should volunteers week open up the celebrations of June, being the Month of Community.

Volunteering, in every form, strengthens communities, promotes cohesion, forms bonds between individuals. The reach of voluntary efforts can extend far beyond the individual’s immediate surroundings.

There are several praises to the work of volunteers and testimonies as to the benefits of their work. So what makes someone do something for free?

Volunteering is its own reward. It gives satisfaction and a feeling of empowerment, knowing that your efforts had such meaningful impact. Come to think of it, without exerting or spending money, your efforts have made a difference, sometimes further than you could reach. That sense is almost intoxicating, it drives an individual, makes them wonder what else you can achieve!

You may be surprised but a good deed comes back to you eventually.

And these are just the benefits for the volunteer. The rewards for the wider community are much greater.

When people get together to achieve solutions to their issues, the community becomes stronger.

Lives can improve. Lives can be saved. All these from actions without ulterior motives, just the desire to do good, straight from the heart.

For this reason, each year on volunteering week, we join and from the bottom of our hearts we say: Thank you to all Volunteers out there.


For there’s no joy greater than the joy you give.




Join the Great British Spring Clean May 28 – June 13!

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The Great British Spring Clean is back after the lockdowns and is looking to you to join!

The event that would have normally ran in early spring is happening now instead and they hope to get a million people out and about, keeping Britain tidy!


To find out what you can do to help and see what events are happening near you, visit

The Great British Spring Clean 2021

Our outdoor spaces have been increasingly important to us during the past year. It’s our turn to show our appreciation by cleaning up those special spaces and places, so we can continue enjoying them.


The Great Spring Clean wants to clear litter from our streets, parks and beaches. Because what is good for our environment is good for our mental and physical health too.


Confidence, Communication and Teamwork course

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Are you seeking work, looking for a career change or hoping to volunteer in the community? If you may need to work on a team online in future, or wish to face virtual interviews with more confident presentation skills, this may be for you.

Induction session  – 2pm Fridy 28th May 

Classes start 10 am Tuesday 1st June   

Calderdale Adult Learning and the national award – winning Proper Job Theatre Company have joined forces again to offer the free two week LAB Confidence, Communication and Teamwork course. This is designed to develop confidence in managing online meetings or interviews.

Polish up those virtual communication, group and team skills quickly and earn a nationally recognised Award. The free fun sessions use drama and media training techniques to develop confidence.

So start unleashing your creativity today and move forward to a bright future.

For enquiries –  or to register for a place – contact Melissa on 07368291874 or email: engagement@properjob.org.uk

View or download our latest course schedule


LAB Online is part of the LAB Project. This is currently aimed at supporting adults in Calderdale who would enjoy keeping connected and using creative learning techniques to boost wellbeing, confidence and  employment skills.

If you are thinking about upskilling for work, tell us about other topics of interest. We may even be able help you to enrol on other free CAL courses, including IT security, Spreadsheets for beginners and Basic Web Design.

All1C courses for those working / volunteering during Covid19

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If you have been working or volunteering for the community during the COVID19 pandemic, then these sessions from All 1 Collective and Lab may be for you.


All1C has organised a programme of Learning Exchanges to provide a space to reflect on some of the learning from working with communities over the last year. The sessions take place on Tuesday mornings 10-11.30 (shortened agenda than on flyer).

There are 3 sessions left

Tuesday 11th May : Jo Bibby is Director of Health at the Health Foundation and will be talking about health inequalities and what the Health Foundation have learnt around health inequalities during Covid-19.
More about Jo

Tuesday 25th May : Community recovery from Covid-19 by Dr Kaya Davies Hayon from Belong – the Cohesion and Integration Network.
More about Kaya

Belong have done an interesting study around the communities that saw a coordinated community response during Covid-19 and how this provides lessons to support what is needed in terms of community recovery.

If interested, please follow this link to book:

Or drop an email on: roisincavanagh@all1collective.org.uk

Once booked, you will be emailed the Zoom link for the session.


Looking forward to seeing you!

RSPCA Halifax to host Virtual Cat show May 9th

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Could your cat win in our Virtual Cat Show?…



We’re celebrating all things feline this May with our Virtual Cat Show!

You can enter your cat or kitten into any of the 10 photo categories between 23rd April and 7th May. We will announce our winners during a live show on Sunday 9th May starring some of our kitty residents, virtual cattery tours and some fun feline activities too!

You can enter as many classes as you like from the 10 listed below. CATegories include:…

Class 1 – Bonniest Lass
Class 2 –  Handsome Lad
Class 3 – Cutest Kitten
Class 4 – Grumpiest Cat
Class 5 – Cosiest Cat
Class 6 – Best Rescue
Class 7 – Best Friends (your cat with an animal or human companion)
Class 8 – Mature Moggies
Class 9 – Cheekiest Cat
Class 10 – Best Pose

Each picture costs £2 to enter. Please visit the RSPCA cat show page to submit your pictures:

RSPCA Virtual Cat show May 9th

You will be able to submit your entries between 9am on 23rd April – 12pm on 7th May on this event page or you can also email your entries to Fundraising@rspcahalifaxhuddersfieldbradford.org.uk

We will select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner from each category who will receive a rosette in the post.

We will then host a Facebook show from 2pm on Sunday 9th May live from our Animal Centre!! This will include:

-Live announcements of our virtual Cat Show winners

-Live Talks/Demo’s

-Live Raffle

-Live cattery tour; meet the cats in our care

Make sure you enter your kitty’s photo between 23rd April to 7th May (cut off for entries is 12pm 7/5/21) and tune in to the Virtual Cat Show on 9th May on Facebook!

Africaniwa: She Chose to Challenge March 26

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This Friday 26th March at 6pm, in celebration of IWD2021, Africaniwa is proud to present: She Chose to Challenge, a Photo Exhibition.

Marking International Women’s Day, we are reminded that a challenged world is an alert world. And at a time where recent events call us to challenge masculine violence and empower women to #reclaimthestreets, we might have pondered, ‘what would it look like to have a world where women lived free from the patriarchy?’.

Over 30 years ago, one woman chose to make this a reality for the women who live in Umoja, a village where only women and children live. Meet Rebecca Lolosoli as we hear her story and mission in founding Umoja and what life is like living without men.

This month in celebration of IWD2021, Africaniwa is proud to present She Chose to Challenge, a Photo Exhibition.

Click on the link to register for your free ticket. You will receive the zoom link on the day of the exhibition:


Africaniwa are raising funds to help Umoja village after their main source of revenue, tourism, has been hampered by the pandemic. This will be used to buy basic provisions like food, chalk for classrooms and toys such as footballs for the children. Every little helps so please spare whatever you can give at PayPal to esenetekyerema@gmail.com. Thank you.

Want to become a life changer? Volunteer with Guide Dogs!

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Are you experienced in teaching new behaviours? Do you feel you can dedicate 14 months to training a new puppy? Then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

We are looking for Puppy Raisers in Halifax, to join our Guide Dogs family! The role involves looking after a pup full time in your home for a year and helping to train the pup according to Guide Dogs standards. A perfect companion and new training project during these difficult times!

If you feel that this much fluffiness may be too much of a distraction but still want to give your support, we are also looking for fundraising help, including a Treasurer for the fundraising group.

For more information please email danielle.wilkin@guidedogs.org.uk.