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Christmas Tree Recycling

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Once the mince pies have lost their appeal and the turkey is gone the one thing left to remind you of a good Christmas is your real tree. But what to do with it once the festive period is over and the needles are starting to drop? Have no fear as you can recycle your Christmas tree at Ogden Water. Each year Calderdale Countryside Services receive thousands of trees, some that have their roots cut off and others potted. No matter what the state of your tree they can use it.

Trees can be left outside the visitor centre/classroom and then a hardy bunch of volunteers work the trees, removing branches down one side and placing the cut trees into a brash layer surrounding the reservoir. This thick layer adds a dash of colour during January, but has a number of other advantages. The layer prevents anyone from accessing the water – helping to keep people safe while still enjoying the site. It also creates a habitat that is used by birds, mammals insects and plants to breed, grow and develop over the coming year.

Any trees that are donated with roots on are planted around the estate in areas that would benefit from wind protection or in need of thickening up with firs & pines. Trees can be dropped off until the end of January and there are a number of days planned for people to help put the trees out around the reservoir, for more details please email

Get Involved to Turn your Street into a Hedgehog Friendly Street

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The British Hedgehog Preservation Society would like you to get involved to turn your street into a hedgehog friendly street.

In the 1950s, there were an estimated 30 million hedgehogs in Britain, but they are disappearing fast, with only 1.5 million recorded in the 1990s and numbers falling since.

On 8 September 2017 the Daily Mail ran an article by Victoria Allen stating that experts are saying not to feed hedgehogs in autumn, see

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has made it very clear that there is NO evidence to suggest this is the correct course of action and no new research has been carried out in this area. Their advice remains to offer hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food, cat biscuits and water for hedgehogs up until they hibernate. This food can literally be a lifesaver, helping them build the fat reserves they need for hibernation.

Fay Vass, Chief Executive of BHPS said “I was alarmed to read this misleading article. There is no evidence to suggest this is the right course of action, I feed hedgehogs in my own garden and will continue to do so right up until the food is no longer taken. Providing supplementary food for hedgehogs at a time when it is critical for them to gain weight in preparation for hibernation is to be encouraged. Should future science prove robustly that this is not the correct thing to do then of course our advice would change, but there is no such evidence or indeed any such research being carried out.”

FREE Batwatch Event for all the family

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Batwatch Event LogoJoin Calderdale Countryside Officer, Chris Sutcliffe, on a search for bats in the lovely, old St. Matthew’s churchyard to find out more about the life of bats and listen for them using bat detectors.

Tuesday 24 May – 9pm
Meet at the tower opposite the Sun Inn, Lightcliffe

This event is FREE and all ages welcome but children must be accompanied by an adult and warm clothing is advised.

Take the Norland Moor Visitor Survey

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Norland MoorCalderdale Countryside and Woodlands Service are conducting a visitor survey on Norland Moor over the summer and autumn to find out what people do on Norland Moor, how often they visit and what (if any) things they would like to alter about the way the moor is managed.

Click here to take the short survey today!

The information gathered will be used to help decide how best to manage the moor in the future. The survey is the first stage, followed by a series of focus groups to zoom in on issues faced by different user groups.

After all this has been completed, a management plan will be produced for the moor taking to account people’s views before the final document goes out to consultation during spring/summer 2016.