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WEA Course – Psychology and Life

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The WEA are offering a 7 week course starting Tuesday 22 January, 10:30am-12:30pm at Halifax Central Library HX1 1QG on ‘Psychology and Life’.

There will also be a FREE taster session on Tuesday 15 January, 10:30am-12:pm.

The course offers an opportunity to think about what makes people behave the way they do as shaped by genetics, upbringing, culture and life experiences.

The cost for the course is £49 but if you are entitled to certain benefits the course may be FREE.

Book online at enrolonline.wea.org.uk or call 0300 303 3464.

Free Arts and Crafts Activities for Heritage Festival at Central Library

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Celebrating Halifax Heritage Festival there will be FREE craft activities at Halifax Central Library and Archives on Saturday  September 8, 10:00am-3:00pm.

Based in The Imaginarium, there will be an exciting range of creative activities on offer for all ages, inspired by heritage features of the library building.

No need to book – just drop in!

For more information about this event contact Local Studies Library.

Dr Simpo’s Crazy Comic Day

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Brush up your art skills!

Develop your artistic side in the inspiring new Imaginarium at Central Library & Archives on Friday 10 August, 10:00am-3:30pm. This is your opportunity to learn with top artists and explore a variety of artistic mediums.

To celebrate 80 years of the Beano we are offering you the chance to pop along to this fantastic ‘Comic Book Creators’ workshop and have a go at creating a crazy character of your very own. Your character, along with all the other workshop attendees, will feature within a mini comic book anthology that will be sent to the Beano head office and perhaps one day feature in the Beano alongside the likes of Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Calamity James or even the Bash Street Kids.

Please note, this workshop runs from 10am – 3.30pm, Children should bring a packed lunch with them. 

Ages 10-14

To book a place go to Ticketsource.

Not a Box – Junk Modelling at Halifax Central Library

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Suitable for ages 4 – 10 this will be an exciting session on Saturday 30 June, 10:00am-11:00am or 11:30am-12:30am at the Imaginarium, Halifax Central Library and Archives. Inspired by the fun-filled book ‘Not a box!’ by Antoinette Portis. Just let your imagination run wild!

This is a junk modelling session for all the family.

Not a box is a beautifully designed book, celebrating the power of the imagination to transform even the most ordinary of objects into something magical.

A box is just a box unless it’s not a box. From mountain to rocket ship, a small rabbit shows that a box will go as far as the imagination allows.

Inspired by the memory of sitting in a box on her driveway with her brother, Antoinette Portis captures the thrill of when pretend feels so real that it actually becomes reality. Her simple, spare text and illustrations show that seeing truly depends on the ability to believe in the possibilities.

Book your place at Ticketsource.

All children must be accompanied buy a parent/carer.

Washi Tape Craft Workshop at Central Library

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You may not have heard, but washi tape is decorative Japanese tape that everyone in the crafting world is completely fanatical about. It makes everything it’s stuck to look amazing! Meet Christina from Ikkle Dragon Crafts on Saturday 9 June, 10:00am and choose from an abundance of washi tape designs and create your very own washi tape letters/notebook!

Aimed at ages 8-12, tickets can be booked at Ticketsource for the workshops at the Imaginarium in the Halifax Central Library. Parents are welcome but not required to stay.

Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional papers made from the long inner fibres of three plants, wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. As Japan rushes with the rest of the world into the 21st Century, and more modern technologies take over, machines produce similar-looking papers which have qualities very different from authentic washi. As of 2008, there remained fewer than 350 families still engaged in the production of paper by hand.

Computer Workshops with Lead the Way and Calderdale Libraries

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Lead the Way, in partnership with Calderdale Libraries, will be holding their first computer workshop on Thursday 21 June, 2:00-4:00pm at Halifax Central Library.

The workshop is for adults who have a learning disability, and their families and carers. People can come and go as they please, they do not need to stay for the whole session.

It will be a chance for people to have support with things like learning about Facebook, how to send an e-mail, how to keep safe on-line, how to look for things on the internet (surfing),how to fill in forms, how to look at videos and music….and lots more things. We will be holding the workshops across lots of different libraries around Calderdale so keep watching for dates and venues for a workshop near you!

For more information ring 0300 012 0416.

Junk Modelling at Halifax Central Library

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Brush up your art skills!

Aimed at ages 8-12, develop your artistic side in the inspiring new Central Library & Archives on Saturday 2 June, 10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm with an opportunity to learn with a top artist.

Mick Kirby-Geddes is usually found in his workshop full of the discarded junk metal of everyday life, sorting, cutting and welding the metal to create unique sculptures. Be inspired by this amazing artist and upcycle junk material to create models, creatures, robots – the possibilities are endless!

Tickets are £10 per child (£8 PTL). Places are limited so book now at Ticketsource to avoid disappointment.

Parents are welcome but not required to stay.

For more information contact Gillian on 01422 392638 or email gillian.rice@calderdale.gov.uk


Tickets Selling Fast for Dr Simpo’s Print-making Masterclass

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New! For Teens!

Brush up your art skills!

Develop your artistic side in the inspiring new Imaginarium at Central Library & Archives on Saturday 28 April. (Two sessions, 10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm) This is your opportunity to learn with top artists and explore a variety of artistic mediums.

Interested in comic books and how illustrations were traditionally created? Learn fantastic new skills and get creative in this print making masterclass and meet the wackily amazing cartoonist and visual artist Doctor Simpo, you will produce some amazing keepsakes in this lino- cut, collograph and etching print workshop. Places limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Places limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be booked at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/FFEKFD

Ages 12-18.

Film Club at Central Library and Archives – The Moderns

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Be among the first to ever watch a film in the new Media Store. Explore the newly-built venue with clearer screen and true surround sound.

Showing on Wednesday 21 March, 2:00pm-4:00pm will be ‘The Moderns’.

Directed by Alan Rudolph this is a dryly comic kaleidoscope set in the birth of modern art in Paris, featuring Keith Carradine as a laconic artist commissioned to copy masterpieces and getting caught up in love and the business of fine painting.

Admission is FREE but since seating is limited, you will need to book a ticket – either by phone or in person from Central Library and Archive

Janet Jones, author of Happiness Millionaire at Central Library and Archives

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Feeling stressed, anxious and just simply not as happy as you would like?

Have you been made redundant, broken up from a relationship, lost your business or frankly, just lost your way in life and would like to learn to dream again? Perhaps you would like to gain more clarity and certainty that things will change for the better.

Janet Jones, author of Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life is a Happiness Expert. On the 20 March, 6:30pm-8:00pm she is coming to Halifax Library to share practical advice and scientific evidence about how to use the visual part of your brain to kick-start a new chapter in your life.

In the year 2000, six years after Janet’s father committed suicide, Janet had a breakdown and was saved from a prescription of antidepressant pills when a piece of direct mail arrived that changed her life. This introduced her to the power held in her mind to turn her life around permanently. It wasn’t an easy journey, as she faced, what she calls the three D’s, death, divorce and depression, but with each of life’s knocks Janet learned how to become stronger and make her life better than it was before.

Janet is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to anyone who is faced with life’s challenges.

In her book, she shares her ups and downs and the time-tested system she used, and continues to use, to turn her life around. She is now living a life she created rather than one she merely accepted.

What was your turning point? ‘When I realised my happiness was up to me. That was a very empowering moment.’

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently when your dad died? ‘I would forgive him for taking his life and forgive myself for not being able to help. I spent too many years in limbo not knowing what to do and I was lost. It was that that caused my depression. I believe my dad felt lost too. Feeling lost and lonely are killer emotions but using the power of your mind to change that is an amazing experience.’

Have you always been optimistic? ‘Not always. I lacked a lot of self-esteem as a child. I was always picked on for having red hair, freckles and was regularly told I was stupid. After a while you start to believe what you are told. When I discovered non of this was true, I was set free to be happy and to live the life I chose and I am still choosing!

Tickets for this FREE event can be booked through Eventbrite.