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CREW Heart Support guided walks for wellbeing

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CREW walk Colden
CREW walk in Colden

CREW Heart support are back with their guided walking groups of about 5 miles (over 2 hours) to help improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.

CREW Heart Support guided walks January – March 2023

The walks take place around Calderdale and are graded according to difficulty and accessibility.

All walks are guided. Please wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

Join and give yourself the opportunity for gentle exercise, socialising and enjoying the outdoors in a safe, friendly environment.

When attending the walks you will be asked to fill out a membership form and a disclaimer. You can request a paper copy or download the PDF from their website and bring it with you already filled out.

CREW Heart Support guided walks January – March 2023

Crew Heart Support New Year’s Annual Lunch January 23rd

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CREW Heart Support Club will be holding their Annual Lunch at Pollino’s on

Monday, January 23rd at 14:00. Meeting at 13:30

The lunch is open to your family and friends, it was a great success last year, let’s see if we can repeat it!

We will be holding a raffle and other fund raisings during the lunch; we don’t expect to receive the splendid donations made lastyear, but if anyone would like to contribute a prize for our raffle, we will be most grateful.

Click images below for booking information and to view the proposed menu for the day.

Venue: Pollino Restaurant, Halifax, Warley Rd, Halifax HX1 3SU

CREW Heart Support Group Lunch 2022 at Pollino Restaurant

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CREW Heart Support would like to invite you to join them at their 2022 lunch at Pollino Restaurant on January 17th at 12pm.

Please make reservations by Tuesday 21st December.

To book your place please contact Charlie Young by email.

Payment must be made in full, either by bank transfer or by Cheque to CREW HSG.

For Menu and details click here

We hope you can join us for our lunch


Pollino Restaurant, Warley Road, Halifax, HX1 3SU

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Important Update on CREW Heart Support Guided Walks

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We apologise, since sending our original email yesterday, it has become clear that unfortunately our organised walks are NOT in the same category  as organised outdoor exercise. 

Thankfully our walks will still be running, but now in small groups of 6 as before. Please see the amended guidance below.

We apologise for this mistake.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CREW HSG – UPDATED Guidance for Walks

Government Guidelines will be always followed. They may change over time and our Guidance may have to be changed in the future.

You must register for each walk, either by:

Email –

Or on our website –


29th March – People will be allowed to meet outside within the rule of 6.

Walks will take place in groups of 6 – 1 walk leader x 5 members.

Each group of 6 will set off at different times.

Once registered you will be asked to attend within a time window.


17th May – People can meet in groups of up to 30 people.


You will still be asked to register for each walk. This will enable the walk leaders to know how many will be attending.


21st June – All legal limits on social contact will be removed.

There will no longer be a need to register!


The Safety of You and our fellow members is very important – You must consider the following:

Have you had your 1st  Vaccine (at least)

Remember the 2 metre rule – Social Distance at all times

Provide your own hand sanitizer, PPE etc.


Click here to book a place on our guided walk



To ensure that we have your up-to-date mobile phone number and email address. These are the quickest and most efficient ways we can communicate with you.
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CREW Heart Support Guided Walks are back!

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From the 2nd December we will return to tier 3, we can start our walks again so long as we do so in groups of ‘no more than 6’ – just as we had been doing before lockdown

We know how important our walking groups are, not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental wellbeing.

Our first Tuesday walk will take place on the 8th December – you will see from our walk list that Colin Walshaw will be leading a walk to Wuthering Heights, we do hope that you can support CREW and indeed Colin for arranging this great walk.

We do ask that you book on-line, either from our website or by email, for any of the walks you are able to attend.


Free Zoom Exercise Sessions

Come and join our FREE live exercise sessions that are run by our specialist level 4 Rehab Instructors. All you have you do is visit our website and book through the booking system.

Zoom Classes – CREW Heart Support Group

Visit the CREW Heart Support website for information and the schedule of the CREW guided walks and the Free online Zoom courses and other ways to keep yourselves active and healthy.

CREW Heart support website

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Crew Heart Support Website
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CREW Heart Support Guided Walk and Exercise classes Important Notice

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The government announced that from 5th November there will be new national restrictions including working from home, and business closures.
The new measures will apply for four weeks up to Wednesday 2nd December. At the end of this period the government will be assessing the situation and make changes where necessary.

What will this mean for your CREW face to face exercise sessions?

If you are attending any of Eves face to face exercise sessions, unfortunately they have been put on hold until further notice. Please contact Eve directly for more information

Will the CREW ZOOM online sessions still be running?

If you attend the online ZOOM exercise sessions, these will continue as normal. In fact we have a brand new ZOOM coming on Wednesdays. Shenaz will be leading a circuit session at 6.15pm.

We do not have this session on the website booking system at the moment, if you do wish to attend please email CREW and we will send you a link to access the session along with a pre exercise questionnaire.

Click on the link below for more information on our FREE online sessions.

Will all of the CREW GUIDED walks still be meeting?

Unfortunately we will have to put all of our GUIDED walks on hold.

The CREW committee have come to the difficult decision to start these new rules as of today, which means ALL walks will stop as of 01/11/2020.

We will keep in touch with all of our members and continue to email regular updates.

This does not mean that you can not go for a walk, don’t forget that you can take advantage of our FREE SELF GUIDED walks that we have on our website
You are allowed to go for a walk with one other member from another household as long as you are safe and socially distant. We will be updating these walks regularly.

Visit the CREW Heart Support website for more information on Free online Zoom courses and other ways to keep yourselves active and healthy.

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