NHS Trusts recruiting in Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism

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NHS Trusts in West Yorkshire are recruiting people to a range of roles in Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism



West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Collaborative Recruitment Day
(Register : vfairs.com)

30 June 2022 11am – 7pm

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds & Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have announced they will be jointly delivering a virtual careers fair.  The event is being supported by the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership and a wide range of external partners who work in the field of mental health, learning disabilities and autism.

The free online event will be delivered on 30 June 2022 11am – 7pm.

Job seekers and volunteer applicants can register here: West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Collaborative Recruitment Day (vfairs.com).

The event will provide people looking for jobs and volunteering roles with and exciting opportunity to:

  • find out about the wide range of jobs on offer
  • hear directly from Trust staff about what it is like to work in mental health, autism and learning disability roles
  • apply on the day for jobs and volunteering roles.

People can attend the event conveniently from any location as it will be accessible through mobile devices.

There will be a range of current open positions available through the virtual career fair, including both clinical and non-clinical roles, at a range of salary levels.  The event programme also includes seminars, aimed at the graduate and college leavers audience.

Interested candidates, or those who know of potential candidates are also invited to register for the event and refer other professionals within this space.

Rob Webster, CEO-Designate, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership commented:

“I am pleased we are supporting this event and encouraging people to work in three fantastic local organisations. We recognise that in the post Covid-19 pandemic climate, people are looking for opportunities to change and progress their careers and the NHS offers a multitude of roles and opportunities. West Yorkshire is also a vibrant and diverse area to live and work. Whether starting your career or seeking to lead in our system, there is something for everyone.

 Greg Moores, Chief People Officer, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust commented:

“This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach and recruit people who would like to work in the interesting and rewarding field of mental health, autism and learning disabilities.  As people continue to work remotely, the virtual fair is a convenient way for job seekers to find out more about available roles.”

 Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs commented:

“We are very happy to supply the technology that will help drive meaningful work that supports the community in West Yorkshire. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful outcomes that this event produces.  If your organisation is interested in working with us, please visit: www.vfairs.com ”

Integrated Care Board (Shadow) meeting on Tuesday 17 May 11am

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NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board ‘ Shadow’ Board meets in public, Tuesday 17 May 2022

The NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) will meet as a ‘shadow’ board in public on Tuesday 17 May 2022, at 11am. The board, which is part of West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP),  works together to join up health and care services, to improve the health and wellbeing of 2.4million people living across the area and to reduce health inequalities.

The board won’t be established formally, and all its members confirmed until 1 July 2022. It is meeting in ‘shadow’ to support the preparations for the ICB ready for when it becomes a statutory body from the 1 July.

The ICB, as an organisation, will replace clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and build on the successful work of WY HCP organisations.

The new ICB organisation will be led by Chief Executive-Designate, Rob Webster CBE and governed by the board.  The board has an Independent Chair-Designate Cathy Elliott  – who does not work for a health or care organisation, to ensure decisions are fair and transparent. It will also have four other non-executive independent members.  Together with Healthwatch, these members will ensure a strong independent voice, and that the views of local people are heard.

The board will also include members from WY HCP’s five local places (Bradford District and Craven, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield District) and will include ICB Director-Designates for Finance, Nursing, People, a ICB Medical Director-Designate and Designate-Director of Strategy and Partnerships. Other members of the board will include representation from:

  • NHS acute hospitals, mental health and community health service providers
  • Directors of public health
  • Local councils
  • Primary medical services  providers
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprises.

Although the board will agree a plan for health and care services in West Yorkshire, most of the decisions about spending and services will be made locally in the five local places. A key part of the board’s work involves sharing expertise and working closely with local councils, hospitals, care providers and voluntary community and social enterprise organisations – ensuring services deliver the best care possible to meet people’s needs.

The meeting on the 17 May 2022 will discuss the 2022/23 NHS Operational Plan and will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

All shadow board and future meetings will be held in public, filmed live, and will offer people and communities an opportunity to ask questions about agenda items.

People are asked to email their questions to westyorkshire.ics@nhs.net before 11am on Monday 16 May 2022. They can also call 01924 317659 to submit questions. They will then receive a Microsoft Teams link so they can join the meeting for their question-and-answer item.

All questions submitted will be published on the integrated care board webpage.

The agenda and meeting papers can be accessed from Tuesday teatime, 10 May 2022 at https://bit.ly/37jvm1f  The meeting can also be watched live via the same link.

Vita Health Group on Combatting Loneliness and Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental Health Awareness and Combatting Loneliness

Mental Health Awareness week takes place from 9th-15th May 2022, and this year’s theme for the week is Loneliness. Never before has it been more important to give mental ill health the time it deserves and break down the stigmas associated with this devastating and destructive illness that so many of us suffer with.

As many people will be aware, one of the big contributing factors to mental ill heath these days is loneliness. We know that loneliness is affecting more and more of us in the UK and has had a huge impact on our mental health, not least because of the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns we have all experienced.

We know that our connection to other people and our community is paramount to protecting our mental health, and as such, we all need to work together to find better ways to tackle loneliness, both within ourselves and within others. Because reducing loneliness is a major step towards a healthier society.

Loneliness and its impact on our mental health

Loneliness is a normal human feeling, which almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives.

Generally, it presents itself in a feeling of being isolated or disconnected from others. It may also manifest itself as a feeling of not being understood or cared for.

When we are on our own, but don’t want to be, it’s natural for us to feel a bit lonely and sad. We may start thinking in a negative or self-critical way, which can lead to low motivation and social withdrawal. Without active coping strategies, this pattern may continue to make our mood even lower and result in more negative thoughts and avoidance responses. This is what we call the vicious cycle of loneliness.

VitaMinds is here for you.

Vita Health Group celebrates life. Improving lives physically and mentally drives everything we do.

We work in partnership with the NHS to provide mental and physical health services, work with the UK’s largest companies to help support their workforce and provide a full range of physiotherapy services to private customers.

Calderdale Covid Vaccine Engagement Report March 2022

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NHS Calderdale CCG worked with partners in Calderdale (Healthwatch, Local Authority, and the Voluntary Sector) to understand the views and experiences of people living in Calderdale of the COVID vaccine.

We wanted to give people the opportunity to help influence how we shape the operational delivery of the vaccine delivery model in Calderdale and the messages we share; through understanding and learning what the public views are of the COVID vaccine and understanding any concerns or misinformation that people may have heard.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to those of you who have helped us to deliver over 2000 conversations on our behalf, we couldn’t have delivered this engagement without you.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below https://www.calderdaleccg.nhs.uk/download/experience-covid-vaccination/

Become an Engagement Champion to benefit your organisation

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In a nutshell, the Engagement Champions programme is about capturing the views of local people and communities, especially those who are seldom heard, specifically in relation to health.Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations are so well placed in communities to engage with residents.This is where you come in!Delivered by VSI Alliance on behalf of NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group, the Engagement Champions programme supports reps from VCSE organisations to undertake training and become an accredited  ‘Engagement Champion’ and give your service users and communities a voice when it comes to health services and proposals.

Here are some of the other benefits of becoming an Engagement Champion!

Earn money for your organisationOffered opportunities to carry out paid surveys and/or focus groups
Get Invited to local events where you can meet with the people and organisations involved in shaping local health services.

The Engagement Champions Training TimetableAll session are held online via Zoom.  Attendees need to be able to commit to attending all 4 sessions.

Training Session 1How the NHS Works Tuesday 26th April 2022 10am – 12:30 pm
Training Session 2Legal and statutory obligations for engagement Tuesday 3rd May 2022 10am – 12:30 pm
Training Session 3Engagement Methods & approaches Tuesday 17th May 2022 10am – 12:30 pm
Training Session 4Equalities, Safeguarding and Evaluation and Certificates Tuesday 7th June 2022 10am– 12:30 pm

Ready to be an Engagement Champion? Email us!

More information about the programme

The NHS has a legal duty to involve local communities/communities of interest when health changes are being considered and the training provides the knowledge and skills needed to carry out engagement and consultation work on behalf of the NHS locally.  The training is free and once trained, volunteers will be able to give their organisation the opportunity to be approved providers of engagement for the NHS locally with the potential to carry out paid work.

The training is spread over 4 sessions (currently delivered on Zoom).  The training provides an understanding of how the NHS works and why the NHS is required to involve local communities in changes to services.  It covers methods and approaches to engagement and consultation which can be useful skills for your own personal development and benefit your organisation and also key information about equalities and safeguarding.  Participants are asked to complete a practical task asking service users to complete a survey.

Don’t  ‘leave a gap’ in our workforce, Partnership urges

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During the pandemic, reports of abuse directed at doctors’ surgery staff and community pharmacy teams across West Yorkshire have increased.

In response the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP) has launched a new insight driven campaign called ‘leaving a gap’ to make people think about the consequences of abusive behaviour.

Co-produced with staff and patients, the campaign recognises that services are extremely busy, and it can be frustrating for people accessing care.

The campaign reminds people we’re all here to help each other and the importance of all round understanding and kindness.

A series of striking images created as part of the campaign aim to make people think about the gap that will be left if staff leave their role due to abuse.

This comes following an unprecedented level of need for advice and appointments in primary care. There has been a 15% increase in demand since the same time two years ago with community pharmacies managing increasing numbers of people, many GP practices receiving more than 1000 telephone calls every day, alongside delivering lifesaving flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Abuse directed at GP practices and community pharmacy teams means receptionist and counter staff deal with the most insults and threats. As a vital part of the health care team, they are skilled in helping care for people and treating all information confidentially. They ask questions to direct people to the best support and are trying to help.

Teams have been spat and sworn at, their cars damaged, received death threats and been in tears, regularly.

Dr Richard Vautrey, Leeds GP said “Services remain exceptionally busy, and whilst GP teams are working as hard as they can we know it can be very frustrating for patients. This campaign is all about asking people to take a moment to think before speaking with our staff. Abuse is significantly impacting staff morale at a time when the workforce has never been so stretched. It is in danger of driving away staff from a profession under pressure – staff leaving their jobs won’t help anyone and will only make the situation worse”.

Dr James Thomas, Chair of WY HCP Clinical Forum said “GPs are working differently, whilst helping more people than ever before. One conversation can be enough to hurt. It’s important that we all take time to consider our behaviours and how it can impact on others. Being kind can make a huge difference to someone’s day”.

Ruth Buchan Chief Executive Officer at Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire said “While most people treat our staff with the respect they deserve in the workplace, sadly, community pharmacy teams are facing increased abuse. We are here to help you with advice and medicines.  Please don’t take your frustration out on our teams. I know things can be frustrating but let’s be kind to each other, it can make a huge difference to someone’s day and work life”.

You can find out more at: www.wypartnership.co.uk/leaving-a-gap

Covid 19 Vaccine, Periods and Fertility – Online event March 22 Book Now

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The Lowdown on the COVID 19 Vaccine, Periods and Fertility – Free Online Event 22nd March, 7pm – Click Here to Book 

The team at The Lowdown has teamed up with NHS colleagues to host an online chat with the super brilliant Dr Viki Male and Dr Fatima Husain to discuss the latest research on the COVID-19 vaccine, fertility and periods.

We all know this remains one of people’s top concerns and there’s a lot of questioning around the effects of the vaccine on this. So this is a great chance for people to address lingering concerns or doubts about the risk of changes to the menstrual cycle, if the vaccine will affect their contraception, or if the vaccine will affect their chances to conceive after vaccination (Spoiler: there’s no evidence of that).


Book Here

In case you haven’t seen these two in previous discussions about this over the past year or so (where have you been?):

  • Dr Viki Male has spent several years looking at the immune reactions in the uterus, and is the current foremost quoted specialist on COVID-19’s affects on fertility, pregnancy and periods in the UK. She currently works as a Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology at Imperial College London. Check out: @VikiLovesFACS
  • And Dr Fatima Husain is a leading gynaecologist and obstetrician with advanced specialist training in IVF and infertility. With over 30 years experience, Fatima manages Windsor Gynaecology & Fertility, and is Lead Clinician for the Fertility Service at Heatherwood and Wexham Park hospitals.

The session will be on Zoom – anyone wanting to join should sign up via the blog survey (via the link above), ensuring to include their email address for joining details and to receive a recording afterwards.

The session will cover:

  • What is the latest research on the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine on periods and the menstrual cycles and what does this mean for you?
  • Will getting the COVID-19 vaccine impact you or your partner’s fertility?
  • Will the COVID-19 vaccine impact my contraception?
  • Plus, lots of interesting things about the menstrual cycle including other things that can impact it.

Pop-up information and vaccination centre at Jubilee Children’s Centre March 15

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Jubilee Children’s Centre will be hosting a pop up information and vaccination clinic where you can get answers to all your questions regarding the available vaccines against coronavirus.

Vaccines will be available to anyone over 16 years, subject to medical history, time since last dose or last positive Covid-19 test result.


Details for all walk in vaccination centres can be found at www.calderdaleccg.nhs.uk/grabajab

Covid-19 vaccination for children and young people

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The following table gives information on what vaccination is available to children and young people, depending on their age group and health condition.

Vaccination gives you and those around you the best protection against COVID-19. If you are eligible, please come forward for your vaccination now.

Visit www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or call 119 for the latest information, to make a booking or find a convenient local walk-in service.

Download the poster here (PDF)

Hundreds of the most clinically vulnerable people across West Yorkshire receive new COVID treatment to reduce the chance of hospital admission

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Across England, the NHS has set up new services that will assess patients at the highest-risk from COVID and, where appropriate, offer them treatment, either with a new antibody infusion or a course of antiviral tablets.

These treatments aim to reduce their chance of needing hospital care. Treatments involve intravenous infusion of a neutralising monoclonal antibodies (nMABs) or an oral antiviral treatments, which are given to high-risk patients, aged 12 and over. This includes people who have HIV/AIDS, liver disease, sickle cell disease, those receiving cancer treatments or taking medicines that suppress their immune system.

A West Yorkshire man, who is one of the longest surviving transplant patients in the country, has become one of the first to benefit from a new NHS service.

Paul Woodward, 52, has cystic fibrosis, diabetes and had a double lung transplant nearly 30 years ago, making him one of the longest surviving transplant patients in the country.

Having caught COVID for the second time at the end of December, and being at exceptionally high risk from complications, Paul was contacted by the NHS and offered a new antibody infusion, with the aim of preventing any further complications.

Paul said: ‘I feel very happy that it’s been possible to have the antibody infusion, as I have lost several friends to COVID. I know that anyone in my situation would jump at the opportunity to try and make sure that they don’t get poorly from COVID’.

Dr Steve Ollerton, Clinical Lead for West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Primary and Community Care Programme said: ‘The vaccination programme remains the first line of defence against COVID-19, along with the everyday precautions we can all take to protect one another –  mask wearing, social distancing and regular testing. The new treatments have an important role to play for our patients who are at highest risk of becoming very ill with COVID due to their other health issues.’

Since mid-December, more than 1400 clinically vulnerable people across West Yorkshire (Bradford District and Craven; Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield) have been assessed for the new treatments with people receiving it at an outpatient unit or in their home (accurate 1 February).

People at the highest risk from COVID will receive a letter from NHS England advising them that, should they test positive for COVID, they will be contacted and assessed for suitability for one of the new treatments available.  If no contact is made, eligible patients can contact their GP or ring 111 to access the service.

Information about who is eligible and full details about the two types of treatments are available on the NHS.UK website.