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Lower Valley Ward Forum Grants

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Do you have a new, or existing, project and require additional funds?

There is a small pot of grant funding available locally to help community groups, organisations and projects based or working in your Ward.

Groups with a constitution (or rules) a bank account in the name of the group or organisation and appropriate safeguarding policies can apply for a grant of up to £500 in any given financial year for a project that benefits people in the ward.

For more information and/or to make an application, please contact your Neighbourhood Team:

Graham Gibbons

Daisy Wilde

Calderdale Suicide Prevention and Self-harm Small Grants

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Small Grants Project Proposal

Calderdale Suicide Prevention Group formed in 2016 and produced a multi-agency suicide prevention plan 2017-20, following the publication of the government’s strategy, Preventing Suicide in England 2012 – A cross government outcomes strategy to save lives.

Our vision

“For Calderdale to be a place where suicides are eliminated and where people do not consider suicide as a solution to the difficulties they face; also a place that supports people at a time of personal crisis and community resilience for improved lives”

We are looking to work with voluntary and community organisations to implement innovative approaches to help us to meet our vision for Calderdale.  We are looking for projects which deliver activity against any of the following two priority areas.

  • To reduce the incidence of suicide and self-harm in young and middle-aged men
  • To reduce the incidence of suicide in people at risk of self-harm.

Organisations can access further information on Suicide in Calderdale including risk factors (adverse life events) and useful resources to support the development of a project and application in the further information sheet at the end of this article.

The desired objectives of the projects are:

  • To reduce the stigma of self-harm and suicide.
  • Build resilience to Mental Health problems in local communities.
  • Promoting Positive mental Health in local communities.
  • To increase the community-based support for those at risk of suicide, including in high risk groups.
  • To reduce the incidence of self-harm and repeated self-harm.
  • To reduce the impact of self-harm and suicide.

Proposals must demonstrate how they will support the Suicide Prevention Action Plan to meet at least one of the themes highlighted below:

 Theme 1 – Reduce the risk of suicide in high risk groups.

 Theme 2 – Tailor approaches to improve mental health in specific groups.

 Theme 3 – Reduce access to the means of suicide.

 Theme 4 – Provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Theme 5 – Support the media in delivering sensitive approaches to suicide and suicidal behaviour.

Theme 6 – Support research, data collection, and monitoring.

Theme 7 – Self-harm

We have a total of £28,500 available for innovative projects to support suicide prevention and self-harm reduction in Calderdale.

Organisations must complete the attached application form and recorded proposal video maximum of 90 seconds in order to be considered for a funding allocation from the Small Grants Panel.

Proposals are to be submitted by noon Monday 04th January 2021 on the template below and will be assessed by a Small Grants Panel which includes people with lived experience. A scoring system will be applied, and applicants will receive feedback no later than two weeks following this date and where successful projects will commence as soon as possible.

Applications for a maximum of £8,000 will be considered.

Funding awards are subject to the organisation signing and returning the Terms and Conditions which will be issued on approval of the funding.

For further information please contact; Debra Rodgers

Suicide Prevention Further Information for Organisations

Small grants application form SP







Small Grants Available from Children in Need

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The Children in Need Small Grants programme is open to charities and not-for-profit organisations applying for any amount up to and including £10,000 per year for up to 3 years. Check the information below to see if your project should apply and that you meet the minimum standards for grant-making. But first – have you read about how, together, we improve children’s lives in the UK?

They’ve changed the way the Small Grants programme is delivered:

  • You can now apply for up to £10,000 per year for up to 3 years – a total request of £30,000
  • An eligibility checklist has been added to the form, to help you make sure you are able to apply for the funding
  • The form has been updated, so please read carefully and follow the guidance provided in the application pages
  • CIN will still be calling many applicants to gather additional information, but this call will be shorter
  • CIN will use the minimum standards for grant-making to assess whether organisations are eligible. Please read these. If you do not meet these they will be unable to progress your application.

Children in Need want to encourage all applicants, whether new or returning – to carefully read the new application form and all the guidance within to ensure you submit all the information they need to process your application as quickly and effectively as possible.

The deadlines this year so far are 3 March 2019, 11:59pm and 2 June 2019, 11:59pm.

For more information and to apply go to the Small Grants Information Page.

Community Grants Panel Ballot Results

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The Small Grants Panel Ballot has now taken place and the votes have provided a conclusive result with a warm welcome given to the following Panel representatives:

Communities of Interests Representative:
Pat Akerman of Heath Stroke Club Care Services

Community Groups Representative:
Brian Mansfield of Elland & District Partnership

Other Voluntary Organisations Representative:
Susan Thorpe of Citizens Advice Calderdale

If you have any queries regarding the Small Grants Scheme please contact Steve Martin on 01422 392317

The next deadline for Small Grants (up to £3000) and Community Festival & Events Fund (up to £5000) is Tuesday 3 May 2016. Information and application forms can be found at