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Official Launch of the Staying Well Community Fund

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We would like to introduce our very own Staying Well Community Fund and the three different types of funding we offer. We are keen to work with community groups, small community associations, organisations, projects and initiatives that work in and around Halifax Lower Valley to reduce social isolation and loneliness, help individuals and communities to get moving more, and finally, offer support to groups who are financially vulnerable due to the challenges of Covid and want to keep their vital support/service going.

We have colleagues across other localities in Calderdale. Should you have an idea in another area we can put you in touch with our colleagues.

All information and further detail of our funds can be found on the Staying Well website:

You can contact the team on
or ring 01422 392 767 and ask for either Richard, Nic or Helen, if you have any ideas or just want to talk through any support you are needing.

We look forward to working with you all in 2022!!

This fund is open to application from starting and existing organisations, targeting loneliness and social isolation, particularly delivering services for COVID support.

Staying Well is looking for Telephone Befrienders

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If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity that can make a huge positive impact to someone, you may want to become a Staying Well Telephone Befriender.

We are looking for people from all walks of life, of any age, having a friendly, chatty approach, willing to reach out to someone who needs a chat.

You only need to commit 30 minutes a week but those 30 minutes can mean the world to someone.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with Staying Well:
t: 01422 392767

Induction and training will be provided.

For more information visit Staying Well Telephone Befriending section




Staying Well Community Fund open to applications

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Sometimes all you need is a cuppa and a chat.

Of course a little financial help never hurts!

Staying Well has been a supporting presence for many who have found themselves isolated.

Their telephone befriending service, largely depending on volunteers, has been a helpful presence. The team has offered emotional support, finding social outlets where available and being a much needed listening ear.

We are delighted to announce that Staying Well is now in the position to offer  practical support as well in the form of the newly launched Community Fund.

This fund is open to application from starting and existing organisations, targeting loneliness and social isolation, particularly delivering services for COVID support.

For more information on the Staying Well Community fund, contact the team on

Happy Birthday Staying Well !

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It’s been 7 years since Staying Well was formed and whilst they tiptoed around their birthday, we’d like to give them a round of applause for bringing a valuable service to Calderdale!

Staying Well has been a warm, caring hand, reaching out to those who have found themselves isolated.

During the last months that are slowly but surely turning to years, amidst Covid uncertainty and consecutive lockdowns, their telephone befriending service has been an infallible presence for many, helping out with practical support, finding social outlets where available and being a much needed listening ear.

To celebrate their birthday, Staying Well would like to roll out their new, practical support Community Fund which is open to applications!

This fund is aimed to starting and existing organisations, targeting loneliness and social isolation, particularly delivering services for COVID support.

For more information on the Staying Well Community fund, contact the team on

We do believe that sometimes all you need is a cuppa and a chat.

With today’s brew, let’s have a slice of cake as well and spare a moment to wish Staying Well a Happy Birthday!

For you are jolly good fellows!

Community Get Together – Pizza, Activities, Information – November 18

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Healthy Minds, Staying Well and Focus4Hope would like to invite you to a day of mindful and relaxing activities, fun and food!

Our community Get Together will be at Southgate Methodist Church, Elland on

Thursday 18 November between 10am – 2pm

There will be mindful movement activities, arts and crafts, pizza making and lots of information about local services.

Please call 01422 392767 to book your place or email

Alternatively contact Healthy Minds or Focus4Hope.



What makes your community thrive?

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Staying Well are looking to capture people’s views on what can happen in local areas to help health and wellbeing.

This is part of the Thriving Communities agenda and will shape how things are developed in the future.

To have your say complete our survey here or get in touch with us on 01422 392767 to talk more.

Staying Well would like to thank all of our volunteers

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Some people took up a new hobby during the COVID lockdowns…..some started running and many people developed a green finger or two but at Staying Well our new thing of 2020/21 was volunteers!!

Staying Well have always worked alongside the volunteers in all communities in Calderdale – linking in with the great groups and awesome activities they make happen – yet recruiting and managing our own volunteers was something new to us.

Working with CMBC, Staying Well have harnessed the overwhelming response of people to want to respond to COVID and help those people who became even more vulnerable in the last year. Turning the power of good deeds, selflessness and kindness into something to help improve peoples lives couldn’t have been done without those people across Calderdale who want to give up their time and energy to help other. This volunteers week we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the Staying Well volunteers working alongside us and our clients. We couldn’t make a difference without you!

Staying Well recruit volunteers to be Telephone Befrienders – giving up an hour or so of their time each week to make a friendly call to someone, have a chat and brighten their day. This year has seen loneliness become more of an issue than ever and although one phone call a week may seem like a drop in the ocean it really can make all the difference.

Our clients and volunteers comment on how the relationships we help them build make such a difference to their lives. We have seen relationships blossom into true friendships. Just having someone on the end of a phone who is there to listen, give you their time, and care makes people feel happier and healthier.

If you are interested in volunteering with Staying Well all you need is a smile, a telephone and the love of good conversation! Get in touch on 01422 392767 or drop us an email at We will invite you along to an online Info Session to say a friendly hello and take you through the ins and outs of coming on board.

Volunteering options in your community

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A number of studies has shown the benefits of volunteering, especially with promoting community cohesion.

Communities with volunteering options tend to be stronger and function better.

When people volunteer, they invest in their community and as such feel closer to it. They are more likely to develop a strong sense of belonging in their area, take more active roles and enhance general wellbeing.

Volunteering can often lead directly to employment. From expanding your skillset with practical knowledge to putting you in positions that are closer to paid roles, it can be a valuable stepping stone. It looks great on your CV too!


So how about giving some of your time?


There are several ways in which you can volunteer. Offering assistance in a charity shop is only one.

Places like Citizens Advice are heavily reliant on volunteers. There are other helplines that can offer training to potential volunteers, such as the Samaritans or Victim Support.

Your local council may offer volunteering options as well.

Keep an eye out for National Volunteering campaigns, such as the Great British Spring Clean!

There are frequent litter picks running locally at any given time. Or you may want to organise one yourself!


Volunteering with NHP

North Halifax Partnership has several volunteering opportunities for members of our community. You do not need an NHP membership to volunteer with us.

Our comprehensive volunteering programme offers opportunities to volunteer across many of our own services as well as being a single point of access for volunteering opportunities across Halifax.

We receive volunteering opportunities from places like Citizens Advice and Neighbourhood watch. We organise litter picks and community clean-ups, such as Pimp my Pellon.

We are especially keen to recruit volunteers for the Staying Well Hub.

During the lockdowns, Staying Well has provided a telephone befriending service that has been a link for many isolated and vulnerable members of our community. We have run food hubs, delivered doorstep shopping, helped with various practical issues or just offered a listening ear. Much of this could only be possible thanks to our volunteers.

At present the SureStart Children’s Centres options are limited but keep checking. We anticipate we will soon be needing help there too.


If you want to volunteer with us or see how we can help you, visit our dedicated volunteering hub:


However you decide to do it or for however long, volunteering is a unique experience that will fulfil and transform you, benefiting your community in more ways than you could imagine!



Further read:


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Staying Well is now on Instagram!

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The Staying Well Hub has its own dedicated presence on Instagram!

We hope to become more interactive this way, sharing images and updates.


We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are still here if you need us to lend a listening ear. You can refer yourself to us or request a referral from a GP, your support worker or even family and friends if you need some help.

Referral process information

No one needs to be alone.

How the Staying Well team can help you – Telephone Befriending Service

The Staying Well Hub Team are here to listen to your concerns and help you make sense of what is happening. Whatever you are dealing with, we would like to hear from you because help is always at hand.

We can offer assistance in a variety of different languages, please enquire to see how we can assist.

Referrals can be made over the telephone or you can visit the Staying Well website to fill out the referral form.

Individuals can refer themselves. In order to refer someone you will need their consent.

Contact us on 01422 392767 if you, or someone you know is isolated or vulnerable,
or if you are a community group and would like some advice.
Email: stayingwellproject
Find us on Facebook: @StayingWellCalderdale

For more information visit the Staying Well Telephone Befriending service page